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Task is the thing that needs to be done, or should be remembered or saved for the future reference in Time Planner app. Usually it is a component of the task list.

How to design an effective task list

  We like lists because we don't want to die. 
  Umberto Eco 

Task lists are created for centuries, and for sure - since Ancient times. Let's recall Iliad by Homer, where we can find the list of Greek generals and their ships, as an attempt to impress the reader with an enormous size of Greek army. Since that time list is the main tool to show anything in most descriptive and detailed way possible.
The main reason why task list is so effective is that it works, as

  • no special skills needed to start creating it
  • no need to clutter your mind with all the details - let the paper (or the app) keep it
  • it brings pleasure to mark a task as completed.

And a good task list is and does the following:

  • it splits big things into small parts - the smaller the better
  • it is easy to navigate - every component is on its place
  • it is hierarchical - you see what is first and what is secondary at a glance.

Types of task lists

Here are some ideas what can be put into a task list:

  • To-Do lists
    • for today
    • for this week
    • for the next 10 years
    • next time you see your classmate
  • Everyday lists
    • groceries to get
    • shopping list
    • pet food list
  • Wish lists
    • books to read
    • places to visit
    • gifts to receive
  • Skill lists
    • languages to learn
    • professional skills to master
    • Google search tips
  • Achievement lists
    • certificates received
    • books read
    • spectacles visited
    • cities visited

Manage your tasks

If you'd like to take a look at what you can do with tasks in Time Planner, with no longreads to cope with.