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Kapalbhati is the extra preset training type in Prana Breath app, available in Guru version.

Download: Kapalbhati.trng


  • подобряване на храносмилането
  • укрепване на черния дроб и бъбреците
  • намаляване на очното налягане
  • подобряване на кръвообращението
  • придобиване на здравословен външен вид и сияйно лице

Origin, history

This training type, as well as "Harmony" and "Power", is derived from Pranayama, an ancient Vedic technique of breathing gymnastics, and is translated from Sanskrit as "Shining/enlightening head/forehead". It is considered as one of the most powerful techniques for spiritual growth and karma cleaning.
In Prana Breath this training type is adapted even for people that don't practice Yoga and/or don't have much time for practice but still need its effect.

Setting the training

  1. Download this pattern if you don't have it yet.
  2. Choose this pattern in Training tab or Control tab.
  3. Set the optimal training complexity so the training brings you joy, yet doesn't seem too easy. Use the options in Control tab and/or Dynamic tab to adjust all parameters.

Training process

  1. Choose the comfortable position.
  2. Exhale with effort, pushing maximum of the air out so your abdomen is tense and sucked in.
  3. Inhale passively, relaxing your belly.
  4. Keep breathing like this till the end of your training session.
  5. After you're done, you might take some time for meditating and contemplating yourself.

NB! Most likely that you will become light-headed after first few sessions. It is ok, but still don't do this practice overcoming unpleasant feelings, stop before it becomes uncomfortable.

Други въпроси

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Ако имаш такива или други въпроси, моля, разгледай страницата ЧЗВ.