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Guru version is the a payed version of Prana Breath app.

Why there is Guru version in the app

Prana Breath project was started as completely ads-free and cost-free, as my aim is to spread knowledge and a useful instrument for healthy stress-management and well-being, that helps me personally a lot. For 3.0 version, as the users kept asking for new features, I've decided to add a payed version so I can devote more time for this project, and less - for my regular job as Android/ActionScript/Web developer.

I don't like all of those annoying ads and don't want to make money forcing users to get rid of the ads.
For lots of users it's enough to use a free version, but for those who want more features and/or just are willing to support this project, there is an option to purchase Guru version, either 3 months subscription, 1 year subscription, or "forever".

What you get with Guru version

Dynamic training

Set different duration for phases for each cycle within a single training using Dynamic mode.
This will allow to start the training with shorter, and thus the easier cycles, and gradually move to more complicated. Combine the effects of different patterns in one training!

Accurate to 1/1000

Change the "seconds per unit" accurate within one millisecond, and the "ratio of breath cycle" with one tenth of the index, which contributes to a smoother transition to the new strain.

Diverse breath methods

Experiment with different ways of breathing to deepen your Pranayama experience. Have a visual and acoustical guidance for switching those ways.

Infinite training duration

Have the training sessions of any duration you would like, technically up to 999 minutes or 999 cycles. Seems to be enough even for the Himalayan Yogins!

Detailed progress charts

Watch your progress using the number of breaths per minute and the time of training, daily, weekly and monthly in Progress tab.

Health tests

Keep track of your health with the help of three pulmonological (Shtange, Genchi and Buteyko tests) and two cardiovascular tests (heart rate and peripheral blood circulation), and evaluate the impact of your basic pattern of training, analysing chart of health progress daily, weekly and monthly.

Google Drive backup

Have your data in a cloud storage, and sync it across all your devices easily.

Import/export data

Have all your data, or just one training, exported in a file to view it in any convenient program.

Experiment with patterns

Download new patterns from our database, or share your custom training with a friend.

Make your practice more diverse

Combine breath cycles and repose cycles in one pattern to get more out of your trainings.

More sounds

Enjoy the new sound themes and the metronome styles, and use more tools for audio guidance.

Enriched settings

Control even more parameters of your trainings, like training chart types, chart colors and preparing time length.

Video overview of Guru features

How to purchase Guru version

  1. Choose "Guru version" item in Options tab.
  2. Choose one of the options - "3 months", "1 Year" or "FOREVER".
  3. For "FOREVER" version, decide how much you'd like to contribute to this app development. Press "GET".
  4. Choose the card with the picker, and confirm your purchase.
  5. If Google is ok with your card, you'll see the "Payment successful" message.
  6. In most cases, the app will be updated to Guru version immediately. If that didn't happen, restart the app, making sure you swipe it out the back stack.
  • For 3 months and 1 Year subscriptions there is 7-day free trial period. During this period you will be charged no money, and you can cancel your subscription anytime during this week. After 7 days the money will be withdrawn from your card.

We would appreciate your donations, as they help us to keep our standards high and to develop the app faster.

  1. Choose "Free version" item in Options tab.
  2. Tap on "Donate" button, and choose the sum you'd like most.
  3. Proceed with the payment, and be ready to get a gift from our team )
  • NB! Donating won't change your subscription status, this way you won't purchase Guru version. If you have free version, it will remain free.


Please see Guru version FAQ for extra questions.