What we Ukrainian developers do at the war time

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So it's 5 AM of February 24th when we've heard the first explosions. I am about to give birth to our third child, older kids are scared of what we hear, we're constantly on the phone with friends and family. Those are the moments you don't believe what you see, but the war does not care - it is there. Missiles are real, they are flying above the house, and they don't care what you plan or how good you are at meditating.

The next day I've given birth to our son at home, as it was too dangerous to go to the hospital. Many Ukrainian women have a similar experience - babies are born in the air-raid shelters, metro stations, basements. We can be as strong as needed, we keep giving life while the pointless war takes it. After all, all we want is to live a peaceful life in our country.

We are lucky our family is alive and has food and shelter. We are almost as close to Kyiv, as Bucha and Borodyanka are, but to the west. The front line was a few kilometers from our place.

Now, as the russians are kicked out from Kyiv region, our life gets back to normal, as much as it is possible at the wartime. We got back to work - implement new features, support our users, pay taxes.

We also help our local community to restore from the harm the war has brought: destroyed buildings, ruined businesses, vulnerable families. If you'd like to help, please tap on "Donate" button within the app. Those money will go for good for common civilians who need it. Or, if you prefer to donate to official funds, please consider "Come back alive" or some others, but please not the Red Cross.

PS. We do no scam. There's no point of stuffing the pockets if you know what goes around comes around. No money can be brought to the afterlife.

Nadia Albul