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I could never imagine Time Planner without bubbles. Yet, I came up with a new grid style with tiles.💡 Please update the app and see if you like the new style!

Along with this, here is what you find in 3.11 version:

  • Now the app is in Taiwanese Chinese, Korean and Dutch
  • Lots of translations improved
  • Bubble grid redesign. With less variety of sizes it can be scaled and fill the screen more efficiently
  • More text in bubbles, up to 3 lines
  • Sort bubbles by time of the day
  • Snackbar with "Undo" or "Edit" buttons after you've logged some activity
  • Removed option "Prevent device from going to sleep mode"
  • Merged options "Values in running activities" and "Values in stopped activities"
  • Filter icon is tinted if filter is applied
  • Optimized for bigger screens - now side panels don't overlap the main tabs
  • Redesign of bubble context menu
  • Fixed bugs

Added for Pro version:

  • New grid style - "Tiles". More space for the text, context menu opens by tap in the corner

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