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  • Android 10 support
  • Rewritten the server side for records. Now records are grouped by years
  • Personal records are grouped by years as well
  • Multiple backup files, named by exact date and time of creation
  • Date and time of the last backup in Data tab
  • Starting from Android 4.4, no need of permission "Read/write on SD card"
  • Updated launcher icon
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Pro-version:

  • For Android 4.0-4.3, no possibility to create Google Drive backup file, due to Google Drive API planned deprecation


  • Fixed bugs


  • Android 9 support
  • Android App Bundle support
  • Redesign of UI elements: bottom bar introduced
  • Play random game button
  • +2 new color themes
  • New element in finish game dialog: results of every round
  • Personal and global records are in one tab now
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Pro-version:

  • +7 new color themes


  • Now the app is in Spanish!
  • Redesign of UI elements
  • Fixed bugs


  • Redesign of UI elements
  • Night mode switch
  • Optimized for Android Oreo
  • Menu shortcuts for Android Oreo
  • Anonymous bug reporting
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Pro-version:

  • New game - "Soccer"!
  • Google Drive backup
  • Backup of preferences



  • Sound switch in main menu
  • Top section in main menu is collapsible
  • Support of AM/PM time format
  • Optimized performance
  • Fixed bug with user profile daily refreshing


  • Discount in case you have good intuition
  • Fixed bugs and crashes

Added for the Pro-version:

  • Sort reminders option


  • UI improvements
  • Reset preferences option
  • Introduction of my new app Time Planner
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Pro-version:

  • New game - "Zener cards"!
  • Highlighting the "right" planet in "Space" game


  • Redesign of lots of UI elements
  • Complete redesign of the architecture that caused 50% performance increase
  • Personal record can appear in global records table even if you were offline while achieving it
  • 3 new parameters - probability, absolute and relative intuition
  • Graphics are optimized for xxxhdpi displays as well
  • Fixed memory leaks

Added for the Pro-version:

  • New game - "Space"!
  • Black theme added
  • Choice of the "false" color
  • New palette for "true" and "false" colors



  • Pro version subscription for 3 months now available
  • Sharing your achievements
  • Added links to social network groups
  • Design improvements
  • Fixed bug with the entering of a username

Added for the Pro-version:

  • Added 6 new currencies to Forex game
  • Showing the real value of the currency ratio in Forex game
  • Choice of the "true" color


  • More accurate statistics
  • Long click on the statistics bar - a message with the exact value appears
  • Convenient navigation bar on the left
  • Created the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section
  • Displaying the future ranks in the "Profile" tab (click on the hat)
  • Optimized the start of the app and the games
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro-version:

  • The mode of the real Forex exchange rate in for the three currency pairs
  • Dice game with the choice of the number of dice and of the animation speed
  • Reminders for convenient training schedule creation
  • Back up all data



  • Added the update button for the global table of records
  • Bugs fixed


  • Implemented the global table of records
  • Changed the table of personal records


  • Implemented possibility to change the cards' animation speed


  • Crash fixed


  • Implemented the general statistic
  • Optimized statistic
  • Bugs fixed


  • New ranks added
  • Fonts correction
  • Help enriched


  • Bugs fixed