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   <string name="app_name">Magic Intuition</string>
   <string name="games_t">Games</string>
   <string name="statistics_colon_t">Statistic:</string>
   <string name="statistics_t">Statistic</string>
   <string name="records_colon_t">Records:</string>
   <string name="records_t">Records</string>
   <string name="personal_records_t">Personal</string>
   <string name="profile_t">Profile</string>
   <string name="settings_t">Settings</string>
   <string name="preferences_t">Preferences</string>
   <string name="options_t">Options</string>
   <string name="color_game_t">Card color</string>
   <string name="suit_game_t">Card suit</string>
   <string name="sector_game_t">Circle sector</string>
   <string name="forex_game_t">Forex</string>
   <string name="dice_game_t">Dice</string>
   <string name="space_game_t">Space</string>
   <string name="zener_game_t">Zener cards</string>
   <string name="app_help_t">Help</string>
   <string name="reminders">Reminders</string>
   <string name="faq_t">Training FAQ</string>
   <string name="dignity_t">Dignities</string>
   <string name="about_t">About</string>
   <string name="social_t">Facebook</string>
   <string name="general_stat_t">General</string>
   <string name="practice_t">Practice</string>
   <string name="rate_t">Rate the app</string>
   <string name="misc_t">Miscellaneous</string>
   <string name="more_apps">More apps</string>
   <string name="help_translate">Help us translate</string>
   <string name="share_friends">Share with friends</string>
   <string name="support_us">Support us</string>
   <string name="community">Community</string>
   <string name="wiki_t">Wiki</string>
   <string name="forum_t">Forum</string>
   <string name="backup_t">Backup</string>
   <string name="pro_t">Pro version</string>
   <string name="free_t">Free version</string>
   <string name="features_t">Features</string>
   <string name="color_game">Color</string>
   <string name="suit_game">Suit</string>
   <string name="sector_game">Sector</string>
   <string name="forex_game">Forex</string>
   <string name="zener_game">Zener</string>
   <string name="football_game">Soccer</string>
   <string name="allow">Allow</string>
   <string name="disallow">Disallow</string>
   <string name="finish_t_15_1">Don\'t lose your hope!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_15_2">Try again!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_15_3">Never give up!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_15_4">Maybe you\'re having a bad hair day.</string>
   <string name="finish_t_15_5">It could be better…</string>
   <string name="finish_t_15_6">Believe in yourself!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_45_1">Keep trying!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_45_2">Practising will do its job!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_45_3">Be more attentive!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_45_4">You can do better!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_60_1">Good job, it\'s much better!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_60_2">Listen to yourself more!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_60_3">And now quit analysing!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_60_4">Turn your logic off!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_70_1">You\'re making progress!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_70_2">Just a little more, and it will be super!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_90_1">Great result!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_90_2">You\'re in great shape!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_90_3">Good!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_100_1">Magnificent!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_100_2">You\'re an example to follow!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_100_3">You\'re a great intuitive today!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_100_4">Excellent!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_100_5">Outstanding intuition, bravo!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_r_1">New record!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_r_2">You went down in history!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_r_3">You\'ll be remembered!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_r_4">It deserves a record!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_or_1">Personal record!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_or_2">You surpassed yourself!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_or_3">The best victory is self-conquest!</string>
   <string name="finish_t_or_4">Your best result up to now!</string>
   <string name="gift_t_1">You\'ve got some legacy</string>
   <string name="gift_t_2">Your friend gave back a debt</string>
   <string name="gift_t_3">At night you\'ve won</string>
   <string name="gift_t_4">You\'ve won in a lottery</string>
   <string name="gift_t_5">Interest on deposit is</string>
   <string name="gift_t_6">You\'ve managed to earn</string>
   <string name="gift_t_7">Revenue from useless things</string>
   <string name="gift_t_8">You\'ve saved on groceries</string>
   <string name="gift_t_9">The Fairy put in your slippers</string>
   <string name="motivator_1">No more reasons to delay!</string>
   <string name="motivator_2">So when is your \"Monday\" coming?</string>
   <string name="motivator_3">Invest a few minutes in your intuition!</string>
   <string name="motivator_4">Want to win in a lottery? Improve the intuition!</string>
   <string name="motivator_5">Have no luck in gambling? Improve the intuition!</string>
   <string name="motivator_6">Working hard is not the only component of success!</string>
   <string name="motivator_7">Beat the probability with the powerful intuition!</string>
   <string name="motivator_8">To be or not to be? Intuition\'s got the answer!</string>
   <string name="motivator_9">Make your instinct work for you!</string>
   <string name="motivator_10">Always make fast and right decisions!</string>
   <string name="motivator_11">It\'s time to make your intuition stronger!</string>
   <string name="motivator_12">Remember, you\'ve decided to train your intuition!</string>
   <string name="motivator_13">May the intuition Force be with you!</string>
   <string name="motivator_14">Got a minute? Play and improve!</string>
   <string name="motivator_15">Become stronger than you were yesterday!</string>
   <string name="motivator_16">Improve the Winner in you!</string>
   <string name="space_f_0">All planet is full of active volcanoes</string>
   <string name="space_f_1">Your spaceship has fallen apart</string>
   <string name="space_f_2">Your team has thrown you off your spaceship</string>
   <string name="space_f_3">Oops, the planet is full of dinosaurs!</string>
   <string name="space_f_4">No air, again (</string>
   <string name="space_f_5">No water – there\'s nothing you can do there</string>
   <string name="space_f_6">Bad luck, your spaceship is broken</string>
   <string name="space_f_7">You were almost eaten by local hannibals</string>
   <string name="space_f_8">No soil, no air – no hope!</string>
   <string name="space_f_9">You can\'t make through the ring of asteroids</string>
   <string name="space_f_10">No oxygen, too bad</string>
   <string name="space_f_11">It is full of sharp-toothed carnivores!</string>
   <string name="space_f_12">Settlers has tried to shoot you down</string>
   <string name="space_f_13">It\'s already occupied by an armed nation</string>
   <string name="space_f_14">Watch out! Alien shaceship behind you!</string>
   <string name="space_f_15">Fly away or get eaten!</string>
   <string name="space_f_16">Just ice and rocks there – no chances to survive</string>
   <string name="space_f_17">No way to land because of magnetic field</string>
   <string name="space_f_18">Meteor rain, watch out!</string>
   <string name="space_f_19">Danger! The meteor hit your ship!</string>
   <string name="space_f_20">Run away – there are lots of flying beasts!</string>
   <string name="space_f_21">This planet was left after the nuclear explosion</string>
   <string name="space_f_22">Space pirates has set a trap here!</string>
   <string name="space_f_23">You\'ve noticed space pirates ship nearby</string>
   <string name="space_f_24">Your mechanic got seek, fly fast to get the medications!</string>
   <string name="space_f_25">Planet quakes constantly!</string>
   <string name="space_f_26">No land to land, all water around</string>
   <string name="space_f_27">The planet is too hot</string>
   <string name="space_f_28">You were attacked by local predatory plants</string>
   <string name="space_f_29">Poisonous insects are all around</string>
   <string name="space_f_30">Surface is just a liquid metal</string>
   <string name="space_f_31">Poisonous gases instead of air, urgh!</string>
   <string name="space_f_32">Planet is full of trash – seems like you\'re not the first here</string>
   <string name="space_f_33">It\'s definitely not your day!</string>
   <string name="space_t_0">Truly paradise planet!</string>
   <string name="space_t_1">Hooray! We\'ve got oxygen there!</string>
   <string name="space_t_2">All conditions!</string>
   <string name="space_t_3">There are even edible plants!</string>
   <string name="space_t_4">Water and air – what more can we wish!</string>
   <string name="space_t_5">Looks like this planet is the One!</string>
   <string name="space_t_6">It\'s exactly what you wanted!</string>
   <string name="space_t_7">Your dream came true!</string>
   <string name="space_t_8">Land and settle!</string>
   <string name="space_t_9">It\'s all you need!</string>
   <string name="space_t_10">What a luck!</string>
   <string name="space_t_11">You are blessed!</string>
   <string name="space_t_12">All reasons to celebrate!</string>
   <string name="space_t_13">Get your space champaign!</string>
   <string name="space_t_14">It\'s a piece of cake!</string>
   <string name="space_t_15">Local nation greets you as gods!</string>
   <string name="space_t_16">Rich landscapes are around!</string>
   <string name="space_t_17">Fabulously rich planet!</string>
   <string name="space_t_18">Here you can not only live, but also to dig for gold!</string>
   <string name="space_t_19">Ideal location!</string>
   <string name="match">Match</string>
   <string name="win_1">Win 1</string>
   <string name="football_draw">Draw</string>
   <string name="win_2">Win 2</string>
   <string name="reminder_repeat">Repeat</string>
   <string name="every_day">Every day</string>
   <string name="never">Never</string>
   <string name="tomorrow">Tomorrow</string>
   <string name="today">Today</string>
   <string name="no_reminders">No reminders</string>
   <string name="delete_reminder">Delete the reminder?</string>
   <string name="sort">Sort</string>
   <string name="by_creation_date">By creation time</string>
   <string name="by_time">By trigger time</string>
   <string name="monday_sh">Mo</string>
   <string name="tuesday_sh">Tu</string>
   <string name="wednesday_sh">We</string>
   <string name="thursday_sh">Th</string>
   <string name="friday_sh">Fr</string>
   <string name="saturday_sh">Sa</string>
   <string name="sunday_sh">Su</string>
   <string name="monday">Monday</string>
   <string name="tuesday">Tuesday</string>
   <string name="wednesday">Wednesday</string>
   <string name="thursday">Thursday</string>
   <string name="friday">Friday</string>
   <string name="saturday">Saturday</string>
   <string name="sunday">Sunday</string>
   <string name="none">None</string>
   <string name="cancel">Cancel</string>
   <string name="ok">OK</string>
   <string name="delete">Delete</string>
   <string name="get">Get</string>
   <string name="accept">Accept</string>
   <string name="on">On</string>
   <string name="off">Off</string>
   <string name="info">Info</string>
   <string name="always_ask">Always ask</string>
   <string name="never_ask">Never ask</string>
   <string name="notify">Notify</string>
   <string name="never_notify">Never notify</string>
   <string name="main_menu">Menu</string>
   <string name="play_again">Again</string>
   <string name="enter_name">Enter your name</string>
   <string name="dont_show">Don\'t show it again</string>
   <string name="game_bet">Game bet</string>
   <string name="game_costs">The game costs</string>
   <string name="you_can_win">You can win</string>
   <string name="per_correct_answer">per correct answer</string>
   <string name="you_regular_user">You are our regular user</string>
   <string name="please_rate_app">Please rate the App, so we can make it even better!</string>
   <string name="rate_now">Rate now</string>
   <string name="later">Later</string>
   <string name="whats_new">What\'s New</string>
   <string name="choose_color">Choose color</string>
   <string name="beginner">Beginner</string>
   <string name="medium">Medium</string>
   <string name="advanced">Advanced</string>
   <string name="rank_1">Very Logical Person</string>
   <string name="rank_2">Luck Seeker</string>
   <string name="rank_3">Beginner Magus</string>
   <string name="rank_4">Famous Visionary</string>
   <string name="rank_5">Experienced Wizard</string>
   <string name="rank_6">Intuition Magician</string>
   <string name="day">Day</string>
   <string name="week">Week</string>
   <string name="month">Month</string>
   <string name="red">Red</string>
   <string name="black">Black</string>
   <string name="restart">Restart</string>
   <string name="refresh_table">Update the table</string>
   <string name="no_records">Record table is empty</string>
   <string name="intuition">Intuition</string>
   <string name="experience">Experience</string>
   <string name="sloth">Laziness</string>
   <string name="sloth_l">laziness</string>
   <string name="level_l">level</string>
   <string name="exp_more">exp more</string>
   <string name="round">Round</string>
   <string name="coins">Coins</string>
   <string name="value">Value</string>
   <string name="cards">Cards</string>
   <string name="attempts">Attempts</string>
   <string name="your_name">Your name</string>
   <string name="levels_prompt">Choose level</string>
   <string name="games_prompt">Choose game</string>
   <string name="you_have">You have</string>
   <string name="try_later">Please try later!</string>
   <string name="probability">Probability</string>
   <string name="absolute_sh">A</string>
   <string name="relative_sh">R</string>
   <string name="share">Share</string>
   <string name="new_accomplishment">New accomplishment!</string>
   <string name="my_current_profile">My current profile!</string>
   <string name="my_rank">My dignity</string>
   <string name="my_level">My level</string>
   <string name="my_money">My coins</string>
   <string name="share_achieve_c">I\'ve reached a new dignity in</string>
   <string name="share_profile_c">My current profile in</string>
   <string name="share_mail_subject">Check out Magic Intuition!</string>
   <string name="share_mail"><![CDATA[
       Useful app with lots of games to improve the sixth sense:
       My intuition is getting better!
   <string name="more_apps_team">More apps, made by our team</string>
   <string name="install">Install</string>
   <string name="prana_breath_t">Prana Breath</string>
   <string name="prana_breath_c">Will help you to organize breathing gymnastics practices for productivity increasing and the health improvement.</string>
   <string name="time_planner_t">Time Planner</string>
   <string name="time_planner_c">Will help you organizing your precious time with convenient schedule, to-do lists and statistics.</string>
   <string name="update_downloaded">The update has been downloaded</string>
   <string name="should_type_name">You should type a name</string>
   <string name="exp_toast">It\'s your experience</string>
   <string name="sloth_toast">It\'s your laziness</string>
   <string name="money_toast">Those are your coins</string>
   <string name="money_fellow_toast">Not fair! It\'s developer\'s trick!</string>
   <string name="sound_style_no_vibro_toast">Your device doesn\'t support vibration</string>
   <string name="coming_soon_toast">Coming soon!</string>
   <string name="connection_failed_toast">Connection failed!</string>
   <string name="retry_toast">Please retry in a few seconds</string>
   <string name="retry_later_toast">Please retry later</string>
   <string name="in_progress">In progress…</string>
   <string name="create_backup">Create backup</string>
   <string name="restore_data">Restore data</string>
   <string name="restore">Restore</string>
   <string name="create">Create</string>
   <string name="backup_success_toast">Backup file has been successfully created!</string>
   <string name="no_access_sd_toast">App has no access to SD-card!</string>
   <string name="error_toast">Oops, there\'s an error!</string>
   <string name="restore_success_toast">All data is successfully restored!</string>
   <string name="memory_card">Memory card</string>
   <string name="gdrive">Google Drive</string>
   <string name="sd_card">SD-card</string>
   <string name="reset_prefs">Reset</string>
   <string name="reset_prefs_t">Reset the settings?</string>
   <string name="reset_prefs_c">All settings in this tab will be reset to defaults!</string>
   <string name="pro_tail">[Pro]</string>
   <string name="general_cat">General</string>
   <string name="cards_cat">Cards</string>
   <string name="lang_pref">Language</string>
   <string name="default_v">Default</string>
   <string name="theme_pref">Theme</string>
   <string name="light_v">Light</string>
   <string name="dark_v">Dark</string>
   <string name="black_v">Black</string>
   <string name="night_mode">Night mode</string>
   <string name="sound_pref">Sounds</string>
   <string name="sound_style">Sound style</string>
   <string name="hammers_v">Hammers</string>
   <string name="mario_v">Mario</string>
   <string name="shot_v">Shot</string>
   <string name="small_shot_v">Small caliber</string>
   <string name="vibration_v">Vibration</string>
   <string name="true_color">\"True\" color</string>
   <string name="false_color">\"False\" color</string>
   <string name="card_back">Card back</string>
   <string name="ornament_v">Ornament</string>
   <string name="flowers_v">Flowers</string>
   <string name="ripple_v">Ripple</string>
   <string name="lozenges_v">Lozenges</string>
   <string name="playing_deck">Playing deck</string>
   <string name="deck_36_pref_value">36 cards</string>
   <string name="deck_52_pref_value">52 cards</string>
   <string name="zener_deck">Zener deck</string>
   <string name="deck_25_v">25 cards</string>
   <string name="deck_50_v">50 cards</string>
   <string name="deck_75_v">75 cards</string>
   <string name="deck_100_v">100 cards</string>
   <string name="anim_speed">Animation speed</string>
   <string name="very_slow_v">Very slow</string>
   <string name="slow_v">Slow</string>
   <string name="medium_v">Medium</string>
   <string name="fast_v">Fast</string>
   <string name="very_fast_v">Very fast</string>
   <string name="forex_history_mode">Real history mode</string>
   <string name="forex_currency">Currency</string>
   <string name="all_currency_v">All</string>

   <string name="two_dice">Two dice</string>
   <string name="show_msgs">Show messages</string>
   <string name="daily_bonus">Daily bonus</string>
   <string name="anonymous_data_usage">Send bug reports and anonymous usage data</string>
   <string name="restart_for_apply">Restart the app to apply the changes</string>
   <string name="to_restart">Restart</string>
   <string name="allow_online_records">Include name & scores to global table if you set a record</string>
   <string name="privacy_consent"><![CDATA[By entering your name you agree with our <a href=\"%s\">Privacy Policy</a>]]></string>  
   <string name="get_pro_t">Get Pro version</string>
   <string name="get_pro_c">Get cool extra features! Support Magic Intuition in the further improving!</string>
   <string name="three_months">3 Months</string>
   <string name="one_year">1 Year</string>
   <string name="forever">Forever</string>
   <string name="discount">Discount</string>
   <string name="you_have_it">Congrats! You\'ve got it</string>
   <string name="congrats_toast">Congratulations! You\'ve got the Pro version</string>
   <string name="pro_version_toast">Available in Pro version</string>
   <string name="choose_how_much_contribute">Please choose how much you can contribute to the app\'s improvement. Thanks for your support!</string>
   <string name="donate_and_get_gift_t">Donate and get a gift</string>
   <string name="donate_and_get_gift_c"><![CDATA[If you feel the app is very useful for you so you want to express your gratitude financially, I will really appreciate it! It provides support so the app\'s \"<a href=\"%1$s\">to-implement list</a>\" will be fulfilled faster. Please note that it WILL NOT affect your subscription state: if you use free version, it will remain free, if Pro - it will stay Pro.
Thanks for your support! ]]></string> <string name="donate">Donate</string> <string name="choose_your_gift">Please choose your gift</string> <string name="request">Request</string> <string name="you_got_discount_c"><![CDATA[You\'ve got %1$s%2$s discount for 1 Year subscription for one of the following apps:]]></string>
   <string name="promo_code">Promo code</string>
   <string name="enter_code">Enter code here</string>
   <string name="activate">Activate</string>
   <string name="your_promo_code">Your promo code</string>
   <string name="promo_howto">Please activate it by the end of this week!</string>
   <string name="how_to">How-to</string>
   <string name="to_copy">Copy</string>
   <string name="pro_main_t"><![CDATA[%1$s Pro]]></string>
   <string name="pro_sub_t">The best investment is in your success!</string>
   <string name="free_main_t"><![CDATA[%1$s Free]]></string>
   <string name="free_sub_t">Powerful functionality for free!</string>
   <string name="pro_forex_t">The real Forex exchange rate</string>
   <string name="pro_forex_c">Play with Forex real historical trends of 9 currency pairs. The year and the countdown point are chosen randomly, so you are to use your intuition, not your knowledge.</string>
   <string name="pro_dice_t">Dice game</string>
   <string name="pro_dice_c">Play one of the world\'s most ancient games - the dice! You can improve your intuition either with one or two dice.</string>
   <string name="pro_space_t">Space game</string>
   <string name="pro_space_c">Feel the responsibility of the spaceship captain, find the suitable planet for your team!</string>
   <string name="pro_zener_t">Zener game</string>
   <string name="pro_zener_c">Test your extrasensory perception with the classical test from early 1930s!</string>
   <string name="pro_football_t">Soccer</string>
   <string name="pro_football_c">Try yourself in soccer betting without the need of spending a penny.</string>
   <string name="pro_reminder_t">Reminders</string>
   <string name="pro_reminder_c">Plan your intuition trainings using convenient reminders.</string>
   <string name="pro_backup_t">Backup</string>
   <string name="pro_backup_c">Create the backup file and restore your data to keep your success track safe (statistics, personal records, experience, coins), or to transfer it to another device.</string>
   <string name="pro_settings_t">Enriched settings</string>
   <string name="pro_settings_c">Control even more parameters of your trainings!</string>
   <string name="free_ads_t">Free from ads</string>
   <string name="free_ads_c">You\'ll never see any ads in our app - that is our principle!</string>
   <string name="free_games_t">Variety of games</string>
   <string name="free_games_c">Improve your intuition while playing 4 different games with 3 levels!</string>
   <string name="free_motivation_t">Diverse motivation</string>
   <string name="free_motivation_c">Get the most of this app, using genuine motivation system with dignities, points, laziness level.</string>
   <string name="free_stat_t">Convenient statistics</string>
   <string name="free_stat_c">Track your progress with detailed statistics!</string>
   <string name="free_records_t">Table of records</string>
   <string name="free_records_c">Set personal and global records - rock the fellow practitioners!</string>
   <string name="free_coins_t">Free coins</string>
   <string name="free_coins_c">Get extra coins every day to play high level games.</string>
   <string name="games_help">Make a choice, listening to your intuition. Each game has three levels of complexity. On medium and advanced levels the coins are involved.</string>
   <string name="color_help">Guess the color of the card that is chosen from the shuffled deck. You can change the card quantity in a deck: Menu -\u003E Settings -\u003E Cards -\u003E Playing deck.</string>
   <string name="suit_help">Predict the suit of the card that is chosen from the well-shuffled deck. You can change the card quantity in a deck using: Menu -\u003E Settings -\u003E Cards -\u003E Playing deck.</string>
   <string name="sector_help">Anticipate the proper sector of the circle. Each next round the number of sectors increases by one. In each round, you have a certain number of attempts, depending on game complexity level.</string>
   <string name="forex_help">Prognosticate where the trend of the course will move. To do this, touch above or below the middle line. You can also turn on the real historical trand modе for different currencies (in settings).</string>
   <string name="dice_help">Make a guess what number of pips is going to face up. You can play either 1 or 2 dice (change it in the settings, as well as the animation speed).</string>
   <string name="space_help">You are the spaceship captain, and you need to find a planet suitable for life, so your team can land and settle. In each round, there are two suitable planets, and at least two dangerous, depending on game complexity level.</string>
   <string name="zener_help">Foresee the symbol of the card from a well-shuffled deck. You can change number of cards in a deck up to 100 in: Menu -\u003E Settings -\u003E Cards -\u003E Zener deck.</string>
   <string name="football_help">Bet on a team that you think will win (or on a draw). There are decimal coefficients that show you the chances of the outcome. The smaller this coefficient is, the bigger the chances are.</string>
   <string name="profile_help">This tab displays the parameters of your game account.</string>
   <string name="dignity_help">Your dignity depends on your level. When you reach a new degree your hat will change for a better. You start your way as a \"Very Logical Person\", and finally can grow up to \"Intuition Magician\".</string>
   <string name="name_title">Name</string>
   <string name="name_help">After entering a player name, you can edit it at any time.</string>
   <string name="statistics_help">This tab displays the dynamics of changes of your intuition index, that you can review by day, by week and by month.</string>
   <string name="intuition_help"><![CDATA[

Absolute intuition index (A) is the relation between the number of correct answers to all possible ones. It ignores the complexity level and the probability. Experienced intuits may find they have about the same absolute intuition index no matter what game and what level they have chosen - it is the proof they don\'t use logic to choose more probable answer, and just trust their 6th sense.

Relative intuition index (R) considers game complexity, and probability of the right answer, as it\'s more complicated to guess 1 out of 10 than 1 out of 2. This parameter shows the level of your ability to go against the probability.

   <string name="probability_help"><![CDATA[

Probability is the measure of the likelihood of getting no less than certain amount of right answers out of total number of trials. It is quantified as a number between 0 and 1 (where 0 indicates impossibility and 1 indicates certainty). It is calculated in different ways for different types of games.

1. For Forex, Dice, Soccer and Space games we use Bernoulli formula, as in each round probability to get the true answer doesn\'t depend on the previous rounds results:
Pn(k) = Cnk * pk * qn-k;
where p - probability to guess right in every single round. For example, for Forex it is 1/2, for Dice - 1/6, and Space - 1/2 (easy), 2/5 (medium), 1/3 (hard)
q = 1 - p
Probability to guess no less than k times in n rounds:
Probability = Pn(n) + Pn(n-1) + … + Pn(k);

2. For Sector game conditional probability rule is used. Here probability describes how likely is to reach the round k with t attempts for each round:
Probability = t/ν1 * t/ν2 * … * t/νk;
where νk - number of sectors in round k.

3. For Color and Suit games we apply conditional probability rule together with the rule of the sum of probabilities. We assume that player chooses the most probable variant every round. Here probability shows how likely it is to guess correct no less than k times with n cards in the shuffled deck, using such strategy.
Probability = p1n + … + ptn;
where pt - probability to win within the certain order of cards (t) in the deck
ζn = n! / ((n / 2)! * (n / 2)!) - all possible card orders of this deck (permutations of n cards with repetitions).

   <string name="exp_help">You earn experience points for consecutive correct answers, and the more correct answers in a row, the more points. Your level displays the development of your intuition.</string>
   <string name="sloth_help">You need to break up your laziness, which recovers to 100 percent every day! For this, play until the laziness will not run low. It is small, but regular efforts, that do develop intuition effectively!</string>
   <string name="money_help">Every day you get a certain number of coins needed for the games at the middle and advanced level of complexity. To start the game, you have to pay a certain sum, depending on the type and complexity of the game. Each correct answer is awarded with coins, and a good game brings you more than you\'ve spent.</string>
   <string name="faq_t_1">What is intuition?</string>
   <string name="faq_c_1">According to Wikipedia, intuition is a phenomenon of the mind that describes the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. We would add that it is also a premonition of the opportunities that will bring the best results.</string>
   <string name="faq_t_2">How and when is it better to practice?</string>
   <string name="faq_c_2">Try \"to catch\" the first thing that comes to your mind; it\'s something more like a feeling, a premonition. If it has given you a right clue, remember how it felt like. Ignore thoughts like \"there was already 3 reds in a row\", logic is not what you train here. It is best to practice every day, when you have a free minute, but surely - in a good mood and well-being.</string>
   <string name="faq_t_3">How will guessing the chances help the intuition improvement?</string>
   <string name="faq_c_3">In this app, \"chances\" are generated before the game starts, so you guess not the random event itself, but the pre-set sequence of chances. Just like in life, usually we make choices such as \"believe - do not believe\", \"buy - sell\", often without knowing all the possible consequences, but wanting the best results anyway. Here we need some courage and good intuition.</string>
   <string name="faq_t_4">How much should I practice for sustainable results?</string>
   <string name="faq_c_4">For best results, you need to practice on a daily basis, at least until you run out the \"Laziness\" (see the \"Profile\" tab). As in the case of physical workout, it is important to stay in shape constantly - without this your performance deteriorates.</string>
   <string name="faq_t_5">When can I see the practical result?</string>
   <string name="faq_c_5">The first results are usually visible within a couple of weeks of regular exercising, and sustainable - in 2 months. Daily diligent training accelerates this process.</string>
   <string name="faq_t_6">How will it help in life at all?</string>
   <string name="faq_c_6">Intuition, like any skill, can be applied in different areas of life, in particular, wherever you need to make choices: in business, in science, in gambling, in interpersonal relations. Development of intuition helps you to make correct and, what is very important, fast decisions.</string>
   <string name="faq_t_7">I\'m practising for a long time, but I see no result. What should I do?</string>
   <string name="faq_c_7">In this case, it is likely that you usually practice in not your most cheerful and happy mood, and perhaps haven\'t identified yet the nature of your intuitive impulse. Next time try to start playing in excited-elated, or vice versa, in excited-scared mood. Vivid emotions promote vivid manifestation of intuition. Think, in extreme situations \"the sixth sense\" greatly escalates.</string>
   <string name="my_goal_t">My goal:</string>
   <string name="my_goal_c">А million of people who improve their life quality with a powerful intuition!</string>
   <string name="app_goal_t">Application goal:</string>
   <string name="app_goal_c">To help you to develop your intuition in a fun and interesting way, making the trainings an enjoyable part of your day, and intuition - an integral part of the effective life.</string>
   <string name="privacy_t">Privacy Policy</string>
   <string name="version">Version:</string>
   <string name="developer">Author and developer:</string>
   <string name="write_to_author">Write to the author</string>
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