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There were 2 releases recently, but v.3.9 was available for limited number of countries. We tested it while the translation was being made, and now 3.9.1 version is ready with the full-featured in-app tutorial in your language! Please see it in Options tab -> Tutorials.

Here are some more improvements:

  • New user onboarding flow
  • Redesign of drawers
  • Easy navigation in and between drawers in Categories tab
  • App shortcuts show most recent actions now
  • Redesign of header in day view in Schedule tab
  • Collapsible icon categories in icon dialog
  • New icons added
  • Removed "read/write storage" Android permissions
  • Fixed the order of tasks in task bubbles
  • Fixed the accidental collapsing of bottom sheets dialogs
  • Fixed minor and major bugs

Added for Pro version:

  • New drawer in Category tab - "Attachments"
  • Take photo, record video or choose files as attachment
  • Export attachments as .zip file
  • Export selected objects in drawers, in search view and in Statistics tab
  • Increased the maximum number of digits for "Value" and "Quantity" types of activities
  • Press and hold on an item in search results to sort items

PS. Big thanks to our volunteer translators! And if you are still missing the translation to your languages, see the previous post and see how you can join our team.

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