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Wind mudra (Vāyu Mudrā, Sanskrit "psychic gesture of air") is one of the hand mudras that are recommended to practice during breathing gymnastics sessions in Prana Breath app.



  • prevents "wind disorders" (like flatulence), and a sensation of fullness, in all parts of the body
  • helps in diseases like arthritis, trembling in Parkinson's disease
  • relieves the condition in case of gout, sciatica, flatulence, rheumatism, and trembling in the hands, throat, and head.

NB! Better results obtained if this mudra is practiced after Prana mudra.


With each hand:

  1. Bend the index finger so that its tip touches the ball of the thumb.
  2. Press the thumb lightly onto the index finger.
  3. Extend the other fingers in a relaxed way.

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