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Vrajana is the extra preset training type in Prana Breath app, available in Guru version.



  • lowering risks of heart problems
  • clearing mind
  • helping to concentrate on this very moment
  • rising awareness of your body functioning
  • improving peripheral blood circulation

Origin, history

This training type, as well as "Harmony" and "Power", is derived from Pranayama, an ancient Vedic technique of breathing gymnastics, and is translated from Sanskrit as "way" or "going", so it can be called "Breathing while walking" or "Pranayama on the go". It was actively popularized by the yogi Sivananda Saraswati
In Prana Breath this training type is adapted even for people that don't practice Yoga and/or don't have much time for practice but still need its effect.

Setting the training

  1. Download this pattern if you don't have it yet.
  2. Choose this pattern in Training tab or Control tab.
  3. Set the optimal training complexity so the training brings you joy, yet doesn't seem too easy. Use the options in Control tab and/or Dynamic tab to adjust all parameters.

Training process

  1. Start walking with a comfortable pace. As an alternative, you may choose any other comfortable position.
  2. Empty your lungs, breathing out with effort ("Prepare").
  3. Make a full inhaling ("Inhale") though your nose, trying to match the quantity of your steps to the cycle duration. For instance, 4 steps or 8 steps in 4 seconds.
  4. Exhale through your nose, matching your steps to the cycle duration. Breathe out as much air as possible, so you can inhale in more efficient way.
  5. Keep breathing like this till the end of your training session.
  6. After you're done, you might take some time for meditating and contemplating yourself, or just continue walking, breathing as usual.
  • You may find it useful to use your headphones and have your screen turned off, so you can look around freely.
  • NB! Make sure you are absolutely comfortable with this pattern, and don't feel you're out of breath. If you feel chest pain or dizziness, stop the practice immediately!
  • If you don't feel comfortable with the breathing pace / walking speed correlation, please adjust "sec per unit" value, for instance, in the range of 0.5-2.0 seconds.
  • Practice the next stage once you are comfortable with the current one.

Other questions

How long should I train? How can I combine this pattern with another? Should I always inhale through my nose?
If you have such or other questions, please look through the FAQ page.