Uplifting mudra

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Uplifting mudra (Linga mudrā, Sanskrit "psychic gesture of uplifting") is one of the hand mudras that are recommended to practice during breathing gymnastics sessions in Prana Breath app.



  • activates "fire" element, warms up
  • helps to recover from colds quickly
  • loosens the accumulated phlegm from the airways
  • reduces the frequency of asthma attacks
  • boosts the immune system
  • increases body tolerance to low temperatures
  • contributes to extra fat burning that helps to loose excessive weight
  • fights sexual debility of men

NB! It is not recommended in case of high body temperature or anxiety attack.


  1. Clasp both hands so that the fingers are intertwined.
  2. Ensure that left thumb is pointing vertically upwards.
  3. Encircle left thumb with the thumb and index finger of right hand.