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In spite of a bit of a mess in the world those days, we were working on the new update, and now Time Planner 3.6.1 is ready for you! Here is what we have there:

  • Now the app is in Swedish thanks to Sarimaria Yrjänä
  • New clean design
  • New bottom sheet dialogs
  • Hide "task bubbles" option
  • Part of the app is in Kotlin language now
  • System dark them support. For Android 10 it is "Dark theme" button in quick settings menu, for Android prior 9 - when battery saving mode is on
  • Stopped update support for Android 4.2 - 4.3
  • Fixed bug with mixed languages in one interface
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for Pro version:

  • New themes, including monochrome ones
  • Custom icon for category is painted with category color
Time planner release 3.6 i0.png
Time planner release 3.6 i1.png
Time planner release 3.6 i2.png
Time planner release 3.6 i3.png
Time planner release 3.6 i4.png

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