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So it's still summertime, and we've got the update that will help you plan your vacation (hope you'll have it!) So in 3.1 version you can clear your usual schedule for for the days off and plan them with ease! Also, now you can search across all the objects in Time Planner, so nothing is lost forever )

Some extra details of this update:
Version 3.1.0

  • Search across all objects within the app
  • Share the text of a task or a note using any app
  • Share text to Time Planner from anywhere and create any object with this text
  • Repeating tasks are back
  • Mark task as completed from task editing dialog
  • "Sum subcategories" switch off shows all subcategories of chosen category in Statistic tab
  • App takes less disk space due to support of Android App Bundle

Added for Pro version:

  • "Clear the schedule" option for a day-off/vacation/etc.

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