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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

It just took too much time to redo lots of things, as we've realized all this thoughtful constructive feedback is worth to be implemented. So in this major update we've fixed some conceptual flaws and from now on, hopefully, updates will be more regular.

For the ones who love the details:
Version 3.0.0 (Massive Star)

  • Google Calendar import option
  • Total UI and conceptual redesign
  • "Activity" is renamed to "subcategory"
  • "Intent" is renamed to "scheduled activity"
  • All scheduled activities are in different bubbles now. Option to merge bubbles, if you like to have them merged as it was before
  • Removed concept of "goals" and "rituals" - now scheduled activity can be either one-time or repeating
  • End date option for repeating scheduled activity
  • Time range can be longer than 24 hours
  • "One-time in a date range" type of scheduled activity - can be done anytime in a certain range of days
  • "Till completed" type of scheduled activity - will remain in Logging tab until completed
  • Set units to "quantity" and "value" types of scheduled activity, like kg, m, $, etc. Filter statistics by those units
  • Edit or delete repeating scheduled activity for a certain day only. Edited repeating scheduled activity is called "Exception"
  • Option to move another activities of this day in Schedule in a coherent way with "Exception"
  • Pin lots of different tasks and subtasks to one activity
  • New formatting of note body text
  • "Manual logging" is "logged activity" now, and available for free version
  • Logged activity is recorded in "logged activities list" for every category, with date, start time and end time, etc. included
  • Add title to logged activity to add some details
  • Search option for task list, activity list and note list, separately
  • Sorting options for bubbles in Logging tab
  • New type of bubbles in Logging tab that represent the tasks for today. They can be completed right there
  • Scheduled tab as default tab option is now available for free version
  • "Quick logging" is renamed to "Timer" and redesigned. Stopwatch is added
  • Reminder can be removed from a certain date only - it is "Exception"
  • Night mode switch
  • Fixed time zone issue
  • Fixed issues in Statistics
  • Fixed other bugs

Added for Pro version:

  • 4 nesting levels of subcategories
  • Add note to scheduled activity
  • "Note" is introduced as separate entity. Note list of a category is available
  • Add note to logged activity to have it described in details
  • Category reminder of a new type - when activity is not completed by a certain time
  • 16 color themes in total

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