Time Planner 2.0 (Protostar)

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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Now We can finally announce the new release is ready for you! The developer has spent 626 hours 47 minutes of focused coding so you can enjoy the new major version, so please welcome – Time Planner v. 2.0 (Protostar).
Under the hood there are not only cool release naming but also those new features:

  • Now the app is in German, Turkish and Spanish, thanks to Leo Eckl, Yvonne Hubertus, Seçil TOPAK, Miguel Cupil!
  • Month schedule first introduced
  • Moon calendar in month schedule
  • New type of schedule – with parts of a day, for flexible planning
  • Bottom navigation bar and major UI redesign
  • Scale in Control tab
  • Search of activity in “pin activity” dialog
  • “Complete” option for bubbles
  • Intents now have measures: time range, time value or simple intent
  • Automatic “uncompliting” the task for rituals
  • New reminder type – fixed
  • Extra reminder type – when activity runs out
  • “Stop alarm after” option
  • Alarm postponement option
  • Yearly statistics
  • SD-card backup is available for free version
  • +166 new icons
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro version:

  • Widget with action grid
  • Start and end hour setting for day schedule
  • Quick logging dialog can be minimized
  • Countdown option for quick logging
  • Sort intents option
  • Extra measures for intent: quantity and value
  • Extra reminder types: elapsing, intervallic and random
  • Custom alarm sound
  • Alarm volume gradual increase
  • New captcha type – join points
  • Manual logging and resetting from Statistics tab

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