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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Hello dear members!

Are you back in track after Christmas and New Year holidays? We are, with the new update! Here are the things we’ve implemented for you:

  • Now the app is in Polish and Portuguese, thanks for Robert Wąsik and Nathalia Bonato!
  • Discount for collaboration (Features tab, top right menu button)
  • Reminder and sound switches in main menu
  • Top section in main menu is collapsible
  • Popup menu of activity in Logging tab (long press on “bubble”)
  • Reset logged time of activity in Logging tab (activity popup menu)
  • Support of AM/PM time format
  • Auto-scroll to current time in “Schedule”
  • Scalable icons in “Schedule”
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro version:

  • Add and subtract time of activity in Logging tab (activity popup menu)
  • Manual logging modified: 2 pickers for time

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