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The week has just started and you already want the weekend to come? Do you always feel tired and unmotivated? Or maybe you suddenly started to swear with everyone around? Probably you have a burnout.

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What is it?

Burnout is classified as a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by long term involvement in emotionally demanding situations.

While you can rest and overcome the exhaustion burnout is something deeper. It's about becoming “disabused”. You decide that everything you have ever done doesn't make any sense and that you've been mistaken for such a long time. Troubles with sleeping, feelings that your work is unrecognized and thoughts about quitting job usually come along when you have a burnout. You feel miserable and think about your work as meaningless.

What are the consequences?

The consequences of the burnout can be very serious. Your productivity falls, you are always quarreling with your colleagues, and very often find a reason not to come to work. And the most unpleasant is that it can also make a negative effect on your personal life.

So what can I do with that?

Learn delegating start celebrating!

Analyze your job and realize what is expected from you and what is not. That will prevent you from doing needless tasks and therefore from the feeling that nobody needs your work. Put down all tasks that you're doing during the week and then sort out what you have to do yourself, and what is generally the responsibility of your colleague. You can ask your boss for help.

Cope with stress and feel the best!

Somebody uses exercising to do this. It's not only the way to reduce stress but also to get more energy and create a sense of wellbeing. Somebody keeps a stress diary. These helps to figure out the causes of stress deeper. And you can also practice breathing trainings and meditation. (In our other app Prana Breath we have a special training to reduce stress level [[1]]. It can be very helpful!)

Effective planning is a key to understanding!

Scientists say that the core of the burnouts is often just bad planning. With proper prioritization and specific planning, in 5 hours you can do something that used to take several working days. So these are a few ways how to get ahead of burnouts with the help of Time Planner:

  • One time – one task

Usually when we think that we're on multitasking we just force our brain to switch between things and that leads us to mental stress. (Go to options – Logging – Number of activities running)

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  • Alert! Overworking!

Set up specific time you allow yourself to work and put a notification when you should stop working or take a pause. (Add – Scheduled activity – Time range – New reminder – Before end) You can also forbid overworking. (Options – Logging – Overtime logging – Disallow)

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  • Change is as good as a rest

You are probably familiar with this expression. So if you tell me there is a lot of work and no time for pauses, I'll respond you that I have a decision for this also. Don't try to do everything at the same time. Start doing one task and when you start to feel a little tired stop doing it and begin the other one. And later do vice versa. So you can finish everything you need and never be exhausted. It's also a great idea to set the Intervalic reminders that will tell you it's time to change the activity.

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  • Live, love, prioritize

Put down a list of tasks to-be-done and put them a mark "*" "!" or "!!". That will help you to do the most important tasks firstly to avoid wasting time and energy on things that can wait. And therefore do everything before deadline and keep calm. (Add – Task – Then choose "*" "!" or "!!")

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Work will always be stressful from time to time and we can do nothing to that. But our personal perception of stress depends on us and only we can regulate it. That means that we are responsible for our burnouts and it is time to start fighting against it. I wish you good luck and keep being healthy!

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