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  • Now the app is in Vietnamese thanks to Thu Huyền Hoàng
  • Search results with collapsible lists
  • Logged activity inherits the name of scheduled activity
  • Logged activity can be searched by and filtered in Statistics by the name of corresponding scheduled activity
  • Resolved issue with lags while typing notes
  • Logged time is restored once was killed by the system (Xiaomi and Huawei mostly)
  • Fixed bug with alarm screen for Android 10
  • Minor bugs fixed



  • Now the app is in Indonesian and Croatian, thanks to Yohana Aurilia and Jelena Kutle
  • Postpone the alarm by custom time
  • Migration to AndroidX libraries
  • Bugs fixed

Added for Pro version:

  • Export notes, scheduled and logged activities
  • Export to csv file format
  • Duplicate activity with everything pinned to it



  • Now the app is in Simplified Chinese thanks to Ling Jue
  • Android 10 support
  • Multiple backup files, named by exact date and time of creation
  • Date and time of the last backup in Data tab
  • Starting from Android 4.4, no need of permission "Read/write on SD card"
  • "Move to" option for activities in Schedule
  • Sort bubbles by color, in Logging tab
  • Long press on an object in Statistics tab opens the activity list of this category
  • More options for deletion of activity bubble in Logging tab
  • Share the received text of an activity via Time Planner app and have all parameters adjusted automatically to be the same as the person who shared has
  • Bugs fixed

Added for Pro version:

  • "Copy to" option for activities in Schedule
  • For Android 4.0-4.3, no possibility to create Google Drive backup file, due to Google Drive API planned deprecation
  • Choose sound and image with standard Android file browser



  • Now the app is in Persian thanks to Fatemeh Fakour
  • Tags are introduced; just type a keyword starting with # symbol in any object and it will be tagged
  • Separate Tags tab right to Categories tab
  • Control tab is renamed to Categories tab
  • Popup window when taping on a day in Month view in Schedule tab, with the details about the things planned
  • Share scheduled or logged activity option
  • Filters by title or by tags in Statistics tab
  • Quick switch of category chosen in Statistics tab
  • Value and quantity types of activity can have up to 5 digits now
  • Archive is moved to a separate tab, right to Options tab
  • Scale in Archive tab and in choose category dialog is the same as in Categories tab
  • "Stop alarm after" option now has 1 minute value
  • Updated launcher icon

Added for Pro version:

  • Rename the tags and delete them from all objects



  • Search across all objects within the app
  • Share the text of a task or a note using any app
  • Share text to Time Planner from anywhere and create any object with this text
  • Repeating tasks are back
  • Mark task as completed from task editing dialog
  • "Sum subcategories" switch off shows all subcategories of chosen category in Statistic tab
  • App takes less disk space due to support of Android App Bundle

Added for Pro version:

  • "Clear the schedule" option for a day-off/vacation/etc.


Massive Star / 2019.06.20

  • Google Calendar import option
  • Total UI and conceptual redesign
  • "Activity" is renamed to "subcategory"
  • "Intent" is renamed to "scheduled activity"
  • All scheduled activities are in different bubbles now. Option to merge bubbles, if you like to have them merged as it was before
  • Removed concept of "goals" and "rituals" - now scheduled activity can be either one-time or repeating
  • End date option for repeating scheduled activity
  • Time range can be longer than 24 hours
  • "One-time in a date range" type of scheduled activity - can be done anytime in a certain range of days
  • "Till completed" type of scheduled activity - will remain in Logging tab until completed
  • Set units to "quantity" and "value" types of scheduled activity, like kg, m, $, etc. Filter statistics by those units
  • Edit or delete repeating scheduled activity for a certain day only. Edited repeating scheduled activity is called "Exception"
  • Option to move another activities of this day in Schedule in a coherent way with "Exception"
  • Pin lots of different tasks and subtasks to one activity
  • New formatting of note body text
  • "Manual logging" is "logged activity" now, and available for free version
  • Logged activity is recorded in "logged activities list" for every category, with date, start time and end time, etc. included
  • Add title to logged activity to add some details
  • Search option for task list, activity list and note list, separately
  • Sorting options for bubbles in Logging tab
  • New type of bubbles in Logging tab that represent the tasks for today. They can be completed right there
  • Scheduled tab as default tab option is now available for free version
  • "Quick logging" is renamed to "Timer" and redesigned. Stopwatch is added
  • Reminder can be removed from a certain date only - it is "Exception"
  • Night mode switch
  • Fixed time zone issue
  • Fixed issues in Statistics
  • Fixed other bugs

Added for Pro version:

  • 4 nesting levels of subcategories
  • Add note to scheduled activity
  • "Note" is introduced as separate entity. Note list of a category is available
  • Add note to logged activity to have it described in details
  • Category reminder of a new type - when activity is not completed by a certain time
  • 16 color themes in total




  • Now the app is in Italian, thanks to Una Di, and in Hindi!
  • Optimized for Android Oreo
  • Shortcuts for Android Oreo (long press on launcher)
  • Fixed compatibility issues



  • Now the app is in Arabic and French, thanks to Tarek Shalaby, Vincent Delauney, Murielle Mélusine, Yohann Flavier!
  • Event types - anniversary, birthday, holiday, day off and other
  • Automatic "uncompliting" the task for rituals the very next day
  • Right-to-left support and various numerical systems support
  • Some new icons
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro version:

  • Seconds in "Quick logging" dialog


Protostar / 2017.10.02

  • Now the app is in German, Turkish and Spanish, thanks to Leo Eckl, Yvonne Hubertus, Seçil TOPAK, Miguel Cupil!
  • Month schedule first introduced
  • Moon calendar in month schedule
  • New type of schedule - with parts of a day, for flexible planning
  • Bottom navigation bar and major UI redesign
  • Scale in Control tab
  • Search of activity in "pin activity" dialog
  • "Complete" option for bubbles
  • Intents now have measures: time range, time value or simple intent
  • Automatic "uncompliting" the task for rituals
  • New reminder type - fixed
  • Extra reminder type - when activity runs out
  • "Stop alarm after" option
  • Alarm postponement option
  • Yearly statistics
  • SD-card backup is available for free version
  • +166 new icons
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro version:

  • Widget with action grid
  • Start and end hour setting for day schedule
  • Quick logging dialog can be minimized
  • Countdown option for quick logging
  • Sort intents option
  • Extra measures for intent: quantity and value
  • Extra reminder types: elapsing, intervallic and random
  • Custom alarm sound
  • Alarm volume gradual increase
  • New captcha type - join points
  • Manual logging and resetting from Statistics tab




  • Bugs fixed


Molecular cloud / 2017.03.09

  • Subtasks
  • Adding notes for tasks
  • Continuous task adding
  • Intent list in separated from activity parameters
  • Info block in activity parameters
  • Edit task option in "pin task" dialog
  • Pin/unpin existing intent to task
  • Manual setting of the start day of week
  • Group moving of the intents (see Settings > Schedule)
  • Show activity name in Schedule (see Settings > Schedule)
  • Option to name the intent
  • UI elements redesign
  • Bugs fixed
  • 7-day free trial

Added for the Pro version:

  • Choose icons from your file system (best size is 144*144)
  • Archiving activities
  • 3 nesting levels of subtasks
  • Export tasks in html format
  • New captcha - "Find activity icon"


Nebula / 2017.01.18

  • Tasks in Schedule are displayed if only the font fits the intent "height"
  • Adding tasks from "pin task" dialog
  • Displaying completed tasks in "pin task" dialog
  • Setting default values for manual logging
  • Activity name in bubbles display option
  • Choosing LED color (in Settings tab)
  • Bubbles are shown even if they don\'t have intended time, but have logged time
  • 3 reminder triggering methods (with an option to hide alarm icon in the tray)
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro version:

  • Export/import data using Google Drive cloud storage
  • Export tasks
  • Resizing and dragging step setting for intents/reminders in Schedule


Interstellar medium / 2017.01.09

  • Now the app is in Polish and Portuguese, thanks for Robert Wąsik and Nathalia Bonato!
  • Discount for collaboration (Features tab, top right menu button)
  • Reminder and sound switches in main menu
  • Top section in main menu is collapsible
  • Popup menu of activity in Logging tab (long press on "bubble")
  • Reset logged time of activity in Logging tab (activity popup menu)
  • Support of AM/PM time format
  • Auto-scroll to current time in "Schedule"
  • Scalable icons in "Schedule"
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro version:

  • Add and subtract time of activity in Logging tab (activity popup menu)
  • Manual logging modified: 2 pickers for time



  • Zoom in and out option in Logging tab with pinch gesture
  • Bugs fixed


Dark matter / 2016.11.14

  • Initial release