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When there will be Google Calendar sync?

As parameters of events in Time Planner and Google Calendar are quite different, it's next to impossible to implement full-featured sync. Instead, it is planned to add the option to import the events from Google Calendar, so you can have all important dates in one place. We are working on it!

Why does the app require the access to SD card, including photos?

As there is data backup option (saving to & restoring from a backup file), the app needs to get to your SD card. I would rather name it "an access to SD-card", but that's how Play Market calls it, there's nothing I can do.

Time Planner doesn't interact with any of your media, documents etc., as it doesn't need it. Also it doesn't use any of analytic services and doesn't collect any of your data.

You can read more in our really short Time Planner Privacy Policy

"Start time should be before end time" error in the app

For instance, when you try to set any activity from 10 PM to 7 AM, the app doesn't accept it, and shows the toast: "Start time should be before end time". Actually it's not a bug, but the restriction of the app for now, as it's very complicated to cross the midnight border without tons of errors for tracking system. I am actively searching for the solution, and eventually will find it, so it won't be an issue anymore.
Personally I do the following: I start "quick logging" my activity "Sleep" at 10 PM and stop it at 7 AM. This way the time is logged and saved to stats without any problems.

My reminders are 1 hour late/earlier than I've set them. What's wrong?

This is a common problem of some devices with not newest Android versions in some locales in Russia. The thing is, vendors don't update time zone and locale database once the device is made and sold, and Time Planner works with the newest database.
In this case all you need is to set the locale to another city/country with the same time zone. For instance, if you had "+6 Ekaterinburg", change it to "+6 Butan". After that everything should work fine.

Reminders don't work properly. What can I do?

  • Usually it is the problem of some Chinese vendors, as they modify some standard Android services. It's next to impossible for for the developers, to cope with this "improvising". Please search for the possible ways to fix this problem for your device it in the internet.

If you have Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, here's the solution for you: http://en.miui.com/thread-223704-1-1.html

  • Also it might be an issue with your performance optimization app (or standard factory settings) that cuts off anything "excessive", including system alarm service. This way you can save a few hours of battery charge for the price of glitches of different apps, including this one. To prevent this, please do whitelist Prana Breath, or disable the setting mentioned above.
  • Also please make sure you have high priority of reminders set (Settings -> Reminders -> Priority of reminders -> High).

Pro version FAQ

I have payed for Pro version, but the app looks the same. What should I do?

If you are not sure, if you have Pro version activated, go to Settings tab -> "Pro version" and see if you have "Gongrats! You have it!" line in the bottom. If you do, all Pro features are unlocked.

If you still have a dialog saying that you have Pro version blocked, restart the app, I mean restart it completely, swiping it out of the backstack. If it doesn't work, it's possible that your payment has not been processed. Google sometimes declines the transactions if for whatever reason it doesn't like the card. If that's the case, I suggest you to look through your purchase list, and see if this app has been purchased.

In any case, I can always return your money back so you can try again.

If I plan to use Time Planner on a few of my devices, should I buy Pro version for each one of them?

No, you should not. In order to have Pro version activated on your another device, you just need to be logged in the very same email account you've used while purchasing the app. As you log in, restart Time Planner completely, swiping it out of the backstack. Then you will be able to use Pro version on this device as well.

How can I access my data on my different devices, is there sync option?

We don't have servers that store any of your data, but it's possible to transfer your data using Google Drive backup file. Please log into the very same Google account on every of your devices. The data would not be transferred automatically, you need to create a backup file on Google Drive on device 1, and then to restore your data from this backup file on device 2.

I've donated to your app, and received a code. What should I do next?

Please take a look at this article and get your discount for Pro version!

How can I cancel my subscription?

I'm not responsible for your subscription, as you're interacting with Google Play Market Subscription rules. So you're the only one who can cancel it, in your Google Play account. Here's the official instruction how to do that. Uninstalling the app does not cancel the subscription.