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Settings tab is the a tab in Prana Breath app for setting your trainings in a pleasant way. Some features are available for Guru version only.

What can you see and set in Settings tab

In action bar

(from left to right)

  • The name of the tab — "General settings"
  • Menu button in the right corner, that comprises the following items:
    • "Reset", that allows you to reset the setting back to defaults
    • "Info", that leads to this wiki page

In main screen

Here you can see different settings that are described in details below.

  • NB! All changes you do here are applied to all the tabs.



  1. Press on "Language" item.
  2. Choose the language you'd like.
  3. The language will be changed in a few moments without the need of restarting the app.
  • NB! If you choose "Default", the app's language will appear the same as your device system language; if there's no translation to your language, the app will be in English.


  • There are 3 themes in the app - Light, Dark, and Black. There's no need to restart the app for the theme to be applied. It usually takes a 0,5-1,5 seconds.
  • Black theme, available for Guru version only, is very energy-efficient, especially for AMOLED screens.
  1. Press on "Theme" item.
  2. Choose the theme you'd like from the list appeared.
  • Note you can turn "Night mode" on in Options tab, and the theme will be changed to "Dark" immediately. If you turn the Night mode off, you'll see "Light" theme back.

Screen during training

Control your screen during your practice time. There are 5 choices:

  • Default: the app doesn't interfere with your device's setting - if your screen dims in 10 sec idle, it will be the same while you are practicing;
  • Keep on all training: screen won't dim while you do your breathing exercises. It's very useful if you are new to breathing gymnastics, so you don't get frustrated fighting with the screen dimming;
  • Turn off immediately: after you start the breathing session, screen will be turned off. It's a good choice if you don't need to look at the training chart and are ok with guiding just by the sounds.
  • Animated brightness during cycle: screen brightness depend on a phase of a cycle. The brightness can be described by the same chart as for diverse pitch for phase transition sound. This is especially useful in the dark room - you can be guided through your training just by looking at the ceiling.
  • Animated brightness during phase: screen becomes brighter from the beginning to the middle of a phase, and darker - from its middle to its end. This can guide you through the practice in the dark room as well.

Breath methods

  • There are two ways you can perceive breath method indicator - either as in the mirror reflection, or as on the photo. So you may pick what is more comfortable for you.
  1. Press on "Breath methods" item.
  2. Choose either "As it is" or "As in a mirror".

Training chart

You can change the chart you see in Training tab while practicing.

  1. Tap on "Training chart" item.
  2. Pick the chart you'd like.
  3. Go back to Training tab or Control tab and see the new chart there.
  • The default training chart type is a "Ring" chart.
  • Note that "Planets" and "Asteroids" look best with Black or Dark theme.

Statistics chart

You can change the chart of statistics shown in Progress tab and Health tab.

  1. Tap on "Statistics chart" item.
  2. Pick the chart you'd like.
  • The default statistics chart type is a "Bar" chart.

Chart colors

  1. Tap on a phase (or "repose cycle" or "training progress bar") which color you'd like to change.
  2. Choose the color that you'd like. You can also play with the slider bar for choosing the right hue.
  3. Once you are satisfied, press "OK".


Set the elements of your notification area in Prana Breath, using the following options:

  1. Turn on "With time" switch (it's green when switched on), and you'll be able to see how much time and how many cycles left till the end of your training.
  2. Turn on "With progress bar" switch (it's also green when switched on), and you'll be able to see the declining progress bar for the current phase.


Reset the settings

  • If you don't like something that you've set in this tab and don't remember how it was before, or just want to go back to initial settings, you can always reset the settings in this tab.
  1. Tap on menu button in the right corner of action bar.
  2. Choose "Reset" item.
  3. Confirm your decision, pressing "RESET". Note the factory settings are back again.
  • This will affect this tab only, NOT your trainings, statistics or sounds.