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This page is a translated version of the page Release notes and the translation is 3% complete.

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  • Added subscriptions support for Huawei AppGallery
  • Fixed bugs



  • Now the app is in Belarusian and Azerbaijani, thanks to Hallas Sialava and Ülvi Həmidov
  • Upgraded design of "Guru version" tab
  • Updated billing library
  • New payment option - now you can purchase Guru version using cash
  • Possibility to pause and resume Guru subscription
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • New monochrome color themes



  • Now the app is in Indonesian, thanks to Poernama!
  • Fixed double phase transition bug
  • Fixed minor bugs



  • Program dostępny jest w Hindi, dzięki tłumaczeniom Saurabhowi Tripathiemu!
  • Nowy sposób wybierania daty i godziny
  • Poprawiony wzorzec antystresowy
  • Informacja ze szczegółami widoczna zaraz po zatrzymaniu treningu
  • Dodatkowe okienko dialogowe przed zamówieniem wersji GURU – żeby program był zgodny z nowymi wytycznymi Google w tym zakresie
  • Naprawiony błąd brakujących dźwięków
  • Naprawiony błąd resetowania ustawień własnych dźwięków po restarcie
  • Naprawione parę drobniejszych usterek

Dodane do wersji Guru:

  • Poprawiony typ wykresu "Planety"



  • Crashes caused by restoring from non-Prana-Breath backup file were made impossible
  • Fixed sound bugs on some devices
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Button in Log tab right to the name of a month allows to share the stats of this month
  • Change the cycle type easier - tap on header of cycle parameters drawer in Dynamic tab



  • Fixed crash when click on training shortcut
  • Fixed bugs



  • Now the app is in Japanese, thanks to Mio Okada!
  • Android 10 compatibility
  • Line chart is available for free version
  • Multiple backup files on SD card, named by the creation time and date
  • Choosing files using more convenient system browser
  • Redesign of themes. Blue theme was added to free version
  • Redesign of dialogs
  • System dark mode support option. For Android 10 - using "Dark theme" button in quick settings menu, for Android prior 9 - when battery saving mode is on
  • Migration to Kotlin, that increases productivity and hopefully decreases the number of bugs )
  • Stopped update support for Android 4.2 and 4.3
  • Fixed locale bug for some devices
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Multiple backup files on Google Drive



  • Adjusted launcher icon
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Share option for details of single training session in Log tab



  • Fixed sound issues on HTC
  • Fixed bugs



  • Fixed bugs



  • Now the app is in Hebrew, Serbian, Estonian, Vietnamese and Kannada, thanks to Matti Hochmann, Nevena Nikolic, Maarja Nögene, Chumeo_di_hia and Santosh Kumar Upadhyaya!
  • New sound engine for sound playback implemented
  • Sections in Sounds tab are collapsible now
  • Mute option for all phases
  • Text-to-speech option for phase transition
  • Now notification sounds style are available for Android 8.0 and later
  • Ongoing notification redesign
  • Unlocked more sounds for free version, some sounds are removed due to the poor quality
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Custom file as a metronome style
  • Custom file as a phase transition style, for each phase separately
  • Custom file as a background sound style, for each phase separately
  • Up to 3 channels of background sounds that play at the same time
  • New type of sounds - occasional. Up to 5 short sounds, that occur occasionally
  • New type of sounds - guidance sound, for each cycle separately
  • Import sound styles from wiki
  • Export sound styles to share it with friends
  • Text-to-speech option for chants and breath methods
  • Option to create, edit and delete custom mantras




  • Now the app is in Romanian and Malay, thanks to Alin Jurca and Javenn Tai!
  • Implemented new format - Android App Bundle. Now it saves up to 40% of memory as it downloads only the graphics needed on your device
  • Optimized for Android 9 Pie
  • Added 2 new color themes
  • Readjusted the health tests chart view
  • Removed anonymous feature usage data collection
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • More new themes, 16 in total



  • Now the app is in Finnish, Swedish, Gujarati, Marathi, Korean, and Thai. Thanks to Aleksi Hulkkonen, Louise Wallgren, Ajay V. Zapadiya, Sanjay Kulkarni, Ryu Won, Tarit Channel!
  • New tab - Motivators, you can create new motivators (messages to reminders), edit and delete them
  • Reorder option for reminders; sorting option was removed
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Training names from wiki database are translated to some languages



  • Now the app is in Arabic, Farsi, Catalan and Greek, thanks to Tarek Shalaby, Armin Ehsani, Eduard Urgell and Gregory Triglidis
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Right drawer in Progress tab for setting the stats showing for a specific training type only



  • Fixed bugs



  • Total UI redesign with bottom bar navigation
  • New app icon
  • Search option in training list
  • Optimized for Android Oreo, including shortcuts in launcher menu
  • Easy switch between training duration measure in Control tab
  • Setting the preparing time now is in Control tab, and available in free version
  • View of last results in Progress tab is available in free version
  • Possibility to type the value in number pickers
  • “Training details” are in right drawer now
  • Training log introduced, in new “Log” tab
  • Experience details for each entry in Log tab
  • Night mode switch in Options bottom tab
  • Internet permission to enable training import, anonymous feature usage data and bug reports
  • Privacy Policy was updated
  • Fixed billing system bugs and Android Oreo compatibility issues

Added for the Guru-version:

  • One-click import of new patterns from our wiki database
  • Setting the training sounds for each training separately
  • Note for each training pattern in Control tab
  • Note for each breathing session in Log tab
  • New breath method for Bhramari Pranayama
  • Long press on training chart to change its type
  • Redesign of exporting of statistics
  • Importing and exporting training as a file or as a link, including its sound settings and complexity levels




  • Stop sound and notification sound styles choice
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Animated brightness of the screen during a cycle or a phase
  • Mandarin and Cantonese voice for phase transition sound style (available for Chinese as app language), thanks to Angelita Li



  • Now the app is in Bulgarian, thanks to Krasimir Georgiev!
  • New default pattern – “Cigarette replace”
  • New cycle type – “Repose”, without preset breathing phases
  • New kind of training – “Meditation”, made of repose cycles
  • “Mute phases” option in Sounds tab
  • “Silent” switch is transferred to main menu (“Sounds” item). Now it also affects reminder sounds
  • Top section in main menu is collapsible
  • Sort reminders by triggering time
  • New way to choose training type – press and hold the center of training chart in Training ta
  • Reordering of patterns in training list
  • Rename, duplicate and delete options are transferred to menu button on the right to training name (Control tab)
  • 7-day Guru version free trial
  • AM/PM time format support
  • Console (beta) for text interface
  • Redesign of UI elements
  • Fixed bug with first day of week
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Combining of breathing cycles and repose cycles in one training type
  • Custom sound file as background sound style
  • “Space” training chart redesign
  • New training chart – “Asteroids”




  • Now the app is in Dutch and Hungarian! Thanks for Ronald de Wit, Nikolas Németh and István János-Széll!
  • Languages can be changed without restarting
  • Absolutely all settings are saved in a backup file
  • Logarithmic (and thus more natural) volume control
  • New sounds thanks to Reiner Mausen!
  • UI improvements
  • Fixed bugs (thanks for your reports!)

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Regularly updated database of new training patterns
  • Sharing a single training pattern with friends
  • Google Drive backup
  • 4 new breath methods
  • Choosing breath methods display mode
  • Mantra indicators for inhaling and exhaling




  • Now the app is in Simplified Chinese and Turkish! Thanks for Angelita Li and Remzi Eriş!
  • New buttons – “Open” and “Start” in the notification. If you press “Start”, the training starts without launching the app
  • “Video-guidance” is now “Resources” tab with all the useful links and brand you wiki
  • “Info” button or menu item in every functional tab
  • Fixed memory leaks

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Notification with time and progress bar showing (see those options in Settings)
  • New type of statistics chart – Line
  • Pop-up menu in Dynamic tab for extra training tuning
  • Health tests now are in separate fragments, not in dialogs
  • New breath method added – mouth with the folded tongue



  • Now the app is in Czech and Polish! Thanks for Milan Tomáš and Robert Wąsik!
  • And even in Traditional Chinese! Thanks for Angelita Li!
  • More precise view of total training duration in Control tab
  • “Details” – menu item in Training tab
  • Now all sound settings are in separate tab
  • Option for resetting all settings to defaults
  • Phase transition and metronome volume now affect the vibro mode as well
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Advanced settings for the breath cycle ratio (fractional and constant time)
  • Option of setting inhaling and exhaling to 0 in custom patterns
  • 3 new types of training charts
  • Color choice of training chart parts
  • Metronome frequency can be set in range 1-10 seconds
  • Ratio of the breathing cycle can be set up to 50
  • 2 new background sound styles
  • 4 new metronome styles
  • 2 new phase transition styles
  • 1 new theme – Black (super battery saving for AMOLED screens)




  • Now the app is in Italian! Thanks for Andrea Penna and Christian Pastori!
  • Ongoing notification during the training (in notification area), with control buttons
  • “+1” (minute or cycle) – button in Training tab
  • “Silent” – button in Training tab
  • Stop/pause sound volume control
  • Duplicating training pattern option
  • Custom training name length now unlimited
  • First day of the week set, depending on your locale
  • Fixed bugs
  • Minor interface improvements

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Possibility to set less than 1 second for “sec per unit” ratio
  • Reminders for health tests
  • 1 new background sound style
  • 2 new phase transition style



  • Now the app is in German! Thanks for Bernhard Auer and Yvonne Hubertus!
  • Fixed critical bug: after-purchase crashing in Turkish locale
  • Added the volume control for every sound type separately
  • Changed the stop sound to more audible

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Implemented metronome diverse pitch option
  • 1 new metronome style
  • 2 new phase transition styles



  • Now the app is in Spanish! Thanks for volunteers Francisco Martínez Nieto & Lili Del!
  • And in French! Thanks for Thomas Morel & Tara Bonnefoy
  • And even in Portuguese! Thanks for Nathalia Bonato
  • New “swipe up & down” and “bubble list” navigation in Training tab
  • Sound preview in Settings tab, including sounds for Guru-version
  • Optimized performance: cold start and section navigation are 50% faster now
  • Lots of little UI improvement
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • 3 new background sound styles
  • 5 new metronome styles
  • 5 new phase transition styles (some of them work best with headphones)




  • New option for resetting separate blocks of statistical data
  • Optimised performance
  • Fixed critical bug

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Option of exporting your statistics to csv-file



  • 3-months subscription for Guru version available
  • Added possibility to share your level/experience anytime
  • New special reminder sound
  • “Rate app” menu item is now removable
  • Preparing time is shown in the circle in “Training” tab
  • Fixed memory leaks and bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Unlimited training duration (maximum 999 minutes or cycles)
  • 2 new transition sound styles
  • No [Guru] suffix anymore in sound choice dialogs
  • Breath method indicator now can be positioned at any place on the screen in Training tab (touch and hold)
  • Breath method can be chosen only for phases available in a breath pattern
  • More accurate statistic for “breath per minute” parameter
  • Implemented right drawer menu for convenient settings of the each cycle in Dynamic mode



  • New options for phase transitions
  • 1 new transition sound style
  • Added the new category in Settings (Rhythm Sounds)
  • Added social media links
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • New setting of breath method choice
  • Male and female voices are fixed and moved to transition sounds
  • Added the diverse pitch option for the transition sounds
  • 4 new transition sound styles
  • New background sound style (Stream)
  • More smooth sound fade time control



  • Fixed critical bug

Added for the Guru-version:

  • New settings for sound fading
  • New setting for preparing time



  • Click on the sector of the circle – a message with the exact value appears
  • Fixed problem with backup for devices with Android 6.0
  • Added the “Video Guide” tab
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • The new sound style – Mystic
  • More accurate time measurement in health tests
  • The new test for determining the state of the peripheral blood circulation
  • Long click on the statistics bar – a message with the exact value appears
  • Fixed an inaccuracy in graphs’ construction



  • Smoother animation of the training chart, also as in transition sounds between phases
  • Enriched the section “Training FAQ”
  • “Anti-Appetite” training was converted according to the original method of A. Faleev
  • Improved design and fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Dynamic trainings
  • Option to set tenths of a second in the “seconds per unit” section
  • New statistical figures of progress: the number of breaths per minute, and the time of training
  • Health tests and graphs
  • New sound and metronome styles




  • Added floating action buttons
  • Displaying the path to the backup file after its creation



  • Minimum of seconds per unit equals one



  • Added new navigation panel
  • Improved interface
  • More precise time logging for statistics
  • Sound correction option for Android 4.0 – 4.3
  • Fixed bugs




  • New achievement sharing options
  • Added wizard when creating custom training
  • Introduced a system of degrees



  • Fixed minor bugs



  • Fixed minor bugs



  • Added the possibility of backup and restoring of statistic, trainings and reminders
  • Increased the maximum of training duration
  • Optimized



  • Fixed problems with phase sounds on Android > 4.3
  • Adjusted the size of dialogs
  • Optimized



  • Added motivators to notifications



  • Information about the duration of each breath phase added to “Control” tab
  • The size of graphic elements adjusted



  • Dark theme added
  • Better support of xxxhdpi screens
  • Portrait mode only on small screens
  • Fixed bug with days of the week on some languages



  • Round chart as start/pause button
  • Fixed issues with sounds of breath phases on some devices



  • Adjusting the sounds volume
  • Fixed crash when entering the settings on some devices
  • Translation fixes



  • 3-seconds preparation before training
  • Ability to set the training duration in the amount of breath cycles
  • App icon is updated
  • Minor interface improvements



  • Silent and vibro modes support
  • New metronome style, that uses vibration mechanism
  • Bugs fixed



  • Initial release