Prana Breath Privacy Policy on Amazon

From Olekdia Wiki
  1. We don’t collect any of your personal data, as we have no servers to store it. So even if people in black came and asked nicely to see your data, we wouldn’t have anything to show them.
  2. There are no in-app tricky analytical plugins in Prana Breath. Literally, we don’t have any access to your cookies, other apps, e-mail, and any other things used for fishing. It’s just no fun!
  3. Paying for subscriptions, you are interacting with Amazon Billing API, according to its privacy policy; we personally have no access to your credit card number, name or address.
  4. Actually, all that we do have is the info provided by Amazon Developer Console and its built-in Amazon Analytics, that is some general data like the app’s Amazon page traffic and users’ demography. And we don’t tell it to any interested “third parties”, as they have no interest in it.