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9.4 version doesn't look changed much (except for Belarussian and Azerbaijani speakers), but I did some invisible improvement with billing libraries, so it works more smoothly, plus there is a cash payment option. Ah, and some new color themes.

Prana breath release 9.4 1.png
Prana breath release 9.4 2.png

So here is what's new:

  • Now the app is in Belarusian and Azerbaijani, thanks to Hallas Sialava and Ülvi Həmidov
  • Upgraded design of "Guru version" tab
  • Updated billing library
  • New payment option - now you can purchase Guru version using cash
  • Possibility to pause and resume Guru subscription
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • New monochrome color themes

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