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It is 4 days until the New Year! Have you already completed all the affairs of 2019? We decided to celebrate the holidays without past mistakes, so a bunch of bugs were fixed in the new update. We are also pleased to announce that it has become much easier for the owners of the Guru version to share the results of the year as you can now share the results of this month in Log Tab.

Prana breath release 9.2 1.png
Prana breath release 9.2 2.png
  • Crashes caused by restoring from non-Prana-Breath backup file were made impossible
  • Fixed sound bugs on some devices
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Button in Log tab right to the name of a month allows to share the stats of this month
  • Change the cycle type easier - tap on header of cycle parameters drawer in Dynamic tab

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