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Yesterday we celebrated World Information Day, and tomorrow there will be Thanksgiving. That's why we want to send a lot of thanks to our users. And to the Internet, which makes the application accessible to everyone 😉

The weather is getting colder and colder. That's all because the winter is coming. But do you want to hear some great news? The new version of the Prana Breath is coming too! It is already waiting in Play Market 😊

A lot of new features are waiting for you:

Prana breath release 9.1.jpg
Prana breath release 9.1 1.jpg
Prana breath release 9.1 2.jpg
Prana breath release 9.1 3.jpg
  • Now the app is in Japanese, thanks to Mio Okada!
  • Android 10 compatibility
  • Line chart is available for free version
  • Multiple backup files on SD card, named by the creation time and date
  • Choosing files using more convenient system browser
  • Redesign of themes. Blue theme was added to free version
  • Redesign of dialogs
  • System dark mode support option. For Android 10 - using "Dark theme" button in quick settings menu, for Android prior 9 - when battery saving mode is on
  • Migration to Kotlin, that increases productivity and hopefully decreases the number of bugs )
  • Stopped update support for Android 4.2 and 4.3
  • Fixed locale bug for some devices
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Multiple backup files on Google Drive

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