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Half a year ago we started working on “just a little minor update”, that now turned into big beautiful major 8.0! Hope you will like it as much as we do. So here is a list of new features:

  • Total UI redesign with bottom bar navigation
  • New app icon
  • Search option in training list
  • Optimized for Android Oreo, including shortcuts in launcher menu
  • Easy switch between training duration measure in Control tab
  • Setting the preparing time now is in Control tab, and available in free version
  • View of last results in Progress tab is available in free version
  • Possibility to type the value in number pickers
  • “Training details” are in right drawer now
  • Training log introduced, in new “Log” tab
  • Experience details for each entry in Log tab
  • Night mode switch in Options bottom tab
  • Internet permission to enable training import, anonymous feature usage data and bug reports
  • Privacy Policy was updated
  • Fixed billing system bugs and Android Oreo compatibility issues

Added for the Guru-version:

  • One-click import of new patterns from our wiki database
  • Setting the training sounds for each training separately
  • Note for each training pattern in Control tab
  • Note for each breathing session in Log tab
  • New breath method for Bhramari Pranayama
  • Long press on training chart to change its type
  • Redesign of exporting of statistics
  • Importing and exporting training as a file or as a link, including its sound settings and complexity levels

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