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We’ve been working hard to get all the new features sharp-cut, and today we are ready to present the new major update – Prana Breath v. 7.0! Hopefully now you can enjoy your practice even more.
Here is new stuff that you will find there:

  • Now the app is in Bulgarian, thanks to Krasimir Georgiev!
  • New default pattern – “Cigarette replace”
  • New cycle type – “Repose”, without preset breathing phases
  • New kind of training – “Meditation”, made of repose cycles
  • “Mute phases” option in Sounds tab
  • “Silent” switch is transferred to main menu (“Sounds” item). Now it also affects reminder sounds
  • Top section in main menu is collapsible
  • Sort reminders by triggering time
  • New way to choose training type – press and hold the center of training chart in Training ta
  • Reordering of patterns in training list
  • Rename, duplicate and delete options are transferred to menu button on the right to training name (Control tab)
  • 7-day Guru version free trial
  • AM/PM time format support
  • Console (beta) for text interface
  • Redesign of UI elements
  • Fixed bug with first day of week
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Combining of breathing cycles and repose cycles in one training type
  • Custom sound file as background sound style
  • “Space” training chart redesign
  • New training chart – “Asteroids”

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