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Now we have new version released, 5.1. It is full of new useful features, and two new languages added – Simplified Chinese and Turkish (thanks for Angelita Li and Remzi Eriş).

  • Now the app is in Simplified Chinese and Turkish! Thanks for Angelita Li and Remzi Eriş!
  • New buttons – “Open” and “Start” in the notification. If you press “Start”, the training starts without launching the app
  • “Video-guidance” is now “Resources” tab with all the useful links and brand you wiki
  • “Info” button or menu item in every functional tab
  • Fixed memory leaks

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Notification with time and progress bar showing (see those options in Settings)
  • New type of statistics chart – Line
  • Pop-up menu in Dynamic tab for extra training tuning
  • Health tests now are in separate fragments, not in dialogs
  • New breath method added – mouth with the folded tongue

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