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Now, in a new 5.0 version of Prana Breath, there are even more features for comfortable practice!

  • Now the app is in Czech and Polish! Thanks for Milan Tomáš and Robert Wąsik!
  • And even in Traditional Chinese! Thanks for Angelita Li!
  • More precise view of total training duration in Control tab
  • “Details” – menu item in Training tab
  • Now all sound settings are in separate tab
  • Option for resetting all settings to defaults
  • Phase transition and metronome volume now affect the vibro mode as well
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Advanced settings for the breath cycle ratio (fractional and constant time)
  • Option of setting inhaling and exhaling to 0 in custom patterns
  • 3 new types of training charts
  • Color choice of training chart parts
  • Metronome frequency can be set in range 1-10 seconds
  • Ratio of the breathing cycle can be set up to 50
  • 2 new background sound styles
  • 4 new metronome styles
  • 2 new phase transition styles
  • 1 new theme – Black (super battery saving for AMOLED screens)

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