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Prana Breath 9.0.3

Prana breath release 9.0.3.png

Today we present you a small update. Small but important! We have finally adjusted the launcher icon and fixed annoying bugs. And in Guru-version you can now share the details of single training session in Log tab.

Have a great time breathing!

Prana Breath 9.0

Finally we can breathe out with the new update of Prana Breath! In 9.0 version you will find so many sound settings as we would not imagine like a year ago. There are so many of those that we had to collapse the sections in Sounds tab so new users are not scared. Feel free to explore them, and our new videos will help you with that!
For the ones who like longreads and details:

  • Now the app is in Hebrew, Serbian, Estonian, Vietnamese and Kannada, thanks to Matti Hochmann, Nevena Nikolic, Maarja Nögene, Chumeo_di_hia and Santosh Kumar Upadhyaya!


Prana breath Bhramari.jpg

It's Friday again, and again we have a new pattern ready for you (that's a nice pace, isn't it?) It's an awaited pattern from classic Pranayama practices - Bhramari Pranayama (Bumblebee breathing, literally). Hopefully you'll enjoy this pattern as much as your roommates got scared (practice it to find out why so!)

Download it right now: Bhramari.trng


We're here with a new training available for those who likes to try new things. Meet Oxicise - it's a special pattern that goes along with one of quite popular weight loss system back in the US. It's a kind of abbs workout, really! Check it out and see if that's something for you.

Pregnancy and breathing gymnastics

We're constantly asked whether it's ok to practice breathing gymnastics during pregnancy. The short answer is YES. The long answer, with nuances and tips, is here: Pregnancy and breathing gymnastics

PS. For all the attentive ones who reads it - we'll have a sale coming soon, watch our page news!

Coherent breathing

It's been a while since we've introduced new patterns available on our wiki. Now it is time! Meet Coherent breathing - one of the most popularized exercise of breathing gymnastics so that even your doctor might have been recommending you to practice it.

Editors’ Choice label on Play Market

Google Plya editors choice.jpg

A few years ago we’ve written to Google Play Market support team with the question for what reasons “Editors’ Choice” label is given and how to apply for it. Unfortunately, the answer was as unclear as possible. Meanwhile the Internet was (and is) full of mysterious stories why and how.

A few weeks ago, as we accidentally visited the page of Prana Breath on Play Market, we’ve seen the Label! No notification, no email regarding this event – surprise-surprise! Anyway, we’re glad this little mysterious label may help some users to start improving their lives through breathing )

Prana Breath 8.3

Prana breath version 8.3 1.png

The new minor update is released, so it’s Prana Breath 8.3 now. Here is what’s new there:

  • Now the app is in Romanian and Malay, thanks to Alin Jurca and Javenn Tai!
  • Implemented new format - Android App Bundle. Now it saves up to 40% of memory as it downloads only the graphics needed on your device
  • Optimized for Android 9 Pie
  • Added 2 new color themes
  • Readjusted the health tests chart view
  • Removed anonymous feature usage data collection
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • More new themes, 16 in total

Prana Breath Wiki is translated to Polish

Poland dotted map.png

Prana Breath Wiki is translated to Polish!

Now it’s easier for Polish speakers to get everything from our wiki. Robert, million thanks for your diligent volunteer work!

Prana Breath 8.2

Version 8.2 with 6 new languages available: Finnish, Swedish, Gujarati, Marathi, Korean, and Thai.

Also, there are some new features: the ability to add, edit and delete the motivators in the app in the new tab, and drag & drop reordering option for the reminders.

Finally Prana Breath wiki is completely translated to Russian!

Russia dotted map.png

Finally we’ve finished translating Prana Breath wiki to Russian! And we are planning on translating wiki to other languages as well. What language would you like wiki to be translated to? Prana Breath Вики

Prana Breath 8.1

It’s the first time Prana Breath has 4 new languages in one single release, so meet version 8.1 with Arabic, Farsi, Catalan and Greek! Plus one useful feature in Guru version, for Progress tab: right drawer, that allows to set the stats showing for a specific training type as well.

Prana Breath 8.0

Half a year ago we started working on “just a little minor update”, that now turned into big beautiful major 8.0! Hope you will like it as much as we do. So here is a list of new features:

  • Total UI redesign with bottom bar navigation
  • New app icon
  • Search option in training list
  • Optimized for Android Oreo, including shortcuts in launcher menu
  • Easy switch between training duration measure in Control tab
  • Setting the preparing time now is in Control tab, and available in free version
  • View of last results in Progress tab is available in free version
  • Possibility to type the value in number pickers
  • “Training details” are in right drawer now
  • Training log introduced, in new “Log” tab
  • Experience details for each entry in Log tab
  • Night mode switch in Options bottom tab
  • Internet permission to enable training import, anonymous feature usage data and bug reports
  • Privacy Policy was updated
  • Fixed billing system bugs and Android Oreo compatibility issues

Added for the Guru-version:

  • One-click import of new patterns from our wiki database
  • Setting the training sounds for each training separately
  • Note for each training pattern in Control tab
  • Note for each breathing session in Log tab
  • New breath method for Bhramari Pranayama
  • Long press on training chart to change its type
  • Redesign of exporting of statistics
  • Importing and exporting training as a file or as a link, including its sound settings and complexity levels

1 000 000 downloads

Prana breath downloads 1000000.png

Prana Breath has got one million of installs! And we even doubted whether it was worth it to release 1.0 version ) Thank so much for all our users and volunteers for making our dream — a million of people who improve their lives with breathing — coming true!

More good news — the new major version is in beta testing process for this moment.

Prana Breath 7.1

Prana breath version 7.1 en.png

Version 7.1 is available, for the recent 7.0 version to work even better. There you can find the following:

  • Stop sound and notification sound styles choice
  • Fixed minor bugs

Added for the Guru-version:

  • Animated brightness of the screen during a cycle or a phase
  • Mandarin and Cantonese voice for phase transition sound style (available for Chinese as app language), thanks to Angelita Li
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