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Note is an added text to the training pattern, that will be saved to .trng file of the training in Prana Breath app. You may find it useful to write a few words about the training there. For instance, it's the special name of this pattern in your language, or the effect it has on you, or the best time for it to be practiced, etc.

  • There is another thing called note in the app, featuring in Log tab, where you can write your impressions about the session ended (log entry). Those notes are different things. The note to the entry is not saved to .trng file, so if you send this training file to your friend, he will see only the note to the pattern.


This video will guide you through the simple process of creating, editing and deleting the note.

Add/edit/delete note to the training

  1. Go to Control tab.
  2. Tap on "Note" item.
  3. Write what you'd like and tap on "Save" on top right corner.
  4. To edit the note, tap on "Note" item and on the top right corner with a pencil image.
  5. To delete the note, just erase all the text, editing the note, and tap on "Save".