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Magic Intuition Blog

Magic Intuition 4.2.1

The winter is not over yet, and we have a new minor update ready. So Magic Intuition 4.2.1 with make all of those nasty bugs disappear - just update it!

Magic Intuition 4.2

Magic intuition version 4.2 screenshot 1.png

So New Year is here, the new update is as well. May your intuition be improved in more handy way with the following features we've added:

  • Android 9 support
  • Android App Bundle support
  • Redesign of UI elements: bottom bar introduced
  • Play random game button
  • +2 new color themes
  • New element in finish game dialog: results of every round
  • Personal and global records are in one tab now
  • Fixed bugs

And extra for the Pro version:

  • +7 new color themes

Magic Intuition 4.1

If you have a strong intuition, you've probably guessed we're here with the new update, version 4.1, with fixed bugs and Spanish in it.

  • Now the app is in Spanish!
  • Redesign of UI elements
  • Fixed bugs

Magic Intuition 4.0

Magic intuition version 4.0.png

Hello fellow practitioners!

So it's a spring time, and we've got new 4.0 version available! It will be especially interesting for soccer fans, as there is a new soccer betting game available. Here's more you'll get after the update:

  • Redesign of UI elements
  • Night mode switch
  • Optimized for Android Oreo
  • Menu shortcuts for Android Oreo
  • Anonymous bug reporting
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Pro-version:

  • New game - "Soccer"!
  • Google Drive backup
  • Backup of preferences

Magic Intuition 3.1.2

Magic intuition version 3.1.2.png

Hello from our team!

There is a new release of the application, here is what's new:

  • Sound switch in main menu
  • Top section in main menu is collapsible
  • Support of AM/PM time format
  • Optimized performance
  • Fixed bug with user profile daily refreshing

Magic Intuition 3.1.1

Just a quick update:

  • Discount in case you have good intuition
  • Fixed bugs and crashes

Added for the Pro-version:

  • Sort reminders option

Magic Intuition 3.1

Magic intuition version 3.1.png

Good time of the day, fellow Intuits!

I have some good news - Magic Intuition is updated to 3.1, and here are what we've done to make it better:

  • UI improvements
  • Reset preferences option
  • Introduction of my new app Time Planner
  • Fixed bugs

Added for the Pro-version:

  • New game - "Zener cards"!
  • Highlighting the "right" planet in "Space" game

Magic Intuition 3.0

Magic intuition version 3.0.png

Good day, fellow intuits!

I'm happy to announce the new release of Magic Intuition 3.0 - now it is more interesting and fancy!

Some new features that were added:

  • Redesign of lots of UI elements
  • Complete redesign of the architecture that caused 50% performance increase
  • Personal record can appear in global records table even if you were offline while achieving it
  • 3 new parameters - probability, absolute and relative intuition
  • Graphics are optimized for xxxhdpi displays as well
  • Fixed memory leaks

Added for the Pro-version:

  • New game - "Space"!
  • Black theme added
  • Choice of the "false" color
  • New palette for "true" and "false" colors

More than 10 000 of downloads

Magic intuition downloads 10000.png

Hooray, we've got 10 000!

Feels great that now there are more than 10 000 of downloads of Magic Intuition!

Wish everyone fast & impressive intuition developing!

Magic Intuition 2.1

  • Pro version subscription for 3 months now available
  • Sharing your achievements
  • Added links to social network groups
  • Design improvements
  • Fixed bug with the entering of a username

Added for the Pro-version:

  • Added 6 new currencies to Forex game
  • Showing the real value of the currency ratio in Forex game
  • Choice of the "true" color

Magic Intuition 2.0

Magic intuition version 2.0.jpg
  • Long click on the statistics bar - a message with the exact value appears
  • Convenient navigation bar on the left
  • Created the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section
  • Displaying the future ranks in the "Profile" tab (click on the hat)
  • Optimized the start of the app and the games
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro-version:

  • The mode of the real Forex exchange rate in for the three currency pairs
  • Dice game with the choice of the number of dice and of the animation speed
  • Reminders for convenient training schedule creation
  • Backup all data

Magic Intuition 1.4

  • Implemented the global table of records
  • Changed the table of personal records

Magic Intuition 1.3

  • Implemented possibility to change the cards' animation speed

Magic Intuition 1.2

  • Implemented the general statistic
  • Optimized statistic
  • Bugs fixed

Magic Intuition 1.1

  • New ranks added
  • Fonts correction
  • Help enriched