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The goal of Magic Intuition app is to help people to better their life with powerful intuition, and for most people it is more convenient to improve it using their native language. That's why we are so exited when another volunteer translator appears!

Languages in the app

For this very moment we have the app translated to the following languages:

Language Messages Untranslated Completion Reviewed Outdated
ar: Arabic 457 165 63% 0% 0%
de: German 457 348 23% 0% 0%
en: English 457 0 100% 0% 0%
es: Spanish 457 5 98% 0% 0%
ms: Malay 457 0 100% 0% 0%
pl: Polish 457 66 85% 0% 0%
pt: Portuguese 457 0 100% 0% 0%
ru: Russian 457 0 100% 0% 0%
uk: Ukrainian 457 0 100% 0% 0%
zh-cn: Chinese (China) 457 0 100% 0% 0%
All 10 languages together 4,570 584 87% 0% 0%

How to start translating

If you'd like to translate the app to your language that is or is not in the list above, or would like to correct something in existing translation, please feel free to contact us! We will create a new translator's account, as we have locked the ability to translate without logging in in order to avoid spam.
For your help we would gladly grant you promo-codes for "Pro forever" version, and, if you wish, would add your name and link to your website/social profile to "About" tab in the app, so you can get some public attention and even new clients.

Text for translation

There are 3 main pages with the text to be translated:

Translation process

  1. Contact us so we can create the translator's account for you.
  2. Log in the wiki of Magic Intuition (see top right corner), using login and password you've received in the letter from us.
  3. Go to App strings page. If you're using your mobile device, please go to the bottom of the page and choose "Desktop" version so you can edit the strings with no problems.
  4. Choose the language you're going to translate to.
  5. Tap on "Translate" on top of the page.
  6. Click on "Untranslated" to see the text for translation OR click on "Translate to ..." item on the right to suggest the translation to the language that is not in Magic Intuition yet.
  7. You will see a string to be translated and a window where you can type it translated. Note that the explanation of the context (if needed) is on the right.
  8. Enter your translation and click "Save translation" button. You will automatically be directed to the next string. You can always edit what you (or someone else before you) have written.

Please see the following screenshots (it's from Prana Breath wiki but same works here):
Prana breath translation guide 1.png Prana breath translation guide 2.png Prana breath translation guide 3.png Prana breath translation guide 4.png Prana breath translation guide 5.png Prana breath translation guide 6.png Prana breath translation guide 7.png

Tips and explanations

1. Please use punctuation marks that are distinctive for your language (you can read more about it here). If you use the following apostrophe and quotation marks:


Just leave them as they are. If you use another ones like this (straight ones):


then please add slash before them, as they are used in programming code, and should differ from it. Also keep consistence with those marks through the whole document.
Example: "Time's" should be written like \"Time\'s\".

2. You can find some special characters in the app strings. Those are the parts of the code that substitute a certain value/number, so please read the explanation on the right and don't delete it from the string. You can use "Paste source text" button so you should not type those characters.
Example: "Repeat every %1$s %2$s" (that will give "Repeat every 2 days" in the output) can be translated to "Повторять каждые %1$s %2$s".

3. Also there are some formatting html-tags in the app strings that also should be ignored and left where they are.
Example: "<b>My goal:</b>" (that will be bold in the app) will be translated as "<b>Моя цель:</b>"

Translating wiki pages

There are a few hints and biases that are important for the proper translation and text formatting:
1. Make sure every entity in the translation is named the very same way as in the app. Please look through the app or ask Nadia so you can be sure what you're writing about. Example:

 "Training sounds" is always "Звуки тренировки" in Russian, and no synonyms are used. 

2. Please leave all tags and special symbols where they are, as they define the formatting of the wiki text shown on a page. Examples:

 </b>, <br />, == Title ==. 

You can use "Paste source text" button so you don't have to type all of the tags and special symbols.

3. For wiki pages, there is no need to put a slash in front of brackets, whatever ones you use. Unlike for app strings (see the previous chapter of this page).

4. There are internal links to wiki pages and even to certain sections, like this one:


Please make sure you don't edit/translate the part before the vertical dash, but translate the part after. It should be


in this case. In the real page it will look like:

 Details and Детали.

As you might see, those links lead to the very same page, but the ones who have Russian as their language (see on top of this page, left to your account name), will see the Russian translation of this page. You can use any grammatical cases, if needed and if applicable.

4.1. If you see the internal wiki link doesn't have Special:MyLanguage/ part in it, please add it. Example:


should be corrected to


Sometimes it happens it is missing. This redirect is important so you can land on a page translated to your language.

4.2. Some of section titles have "span" tag, as it is needed for the proper internal redirect. Please translate the text inside the tag, like this:

 == <span id="View detailed info about each practice">View detailed info about each practice</span> ==

should be

 == <span id="View detailed info about each practice">Просмотр детальной статистики о каждой практике</span> ==

4.3. The last line of a tab page should look like the one below:


Please edit the label. So in Russian it looks like this:


5. The link like this

 [ Prana Breath] 


 [{{GPLAY_URL}} Prana Breath]

is an external link, and basically it is

 [ Link label]. 

You can edit link label if needed, but please leave the link (or the {{template}}) the way it is. As for the name of the app, you can leave it in English as users see this name every time they tap on the app's shortcut to open it.

5.1. You can edit the external link in case it leads to wikipedia page that exists in your language. Example:

 [ Frederick Hopkins] 


 [,_%D0%A4%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B4%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%BA_%D0%93%D0%BE%D1%83%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B4 Фредерик Хопкинс]

6. Please keep the translation consistent, meaning if you have alike text in a few pages, translate it the very same way every time. Example:

 == What can be seen and done in this tab ==
=== In action bar ===
(from left to right)

should be translated with the same words on all the pages about tabs.
6.1. You can use "Suggestions", in the section right to the translation field, under "Documentation". If wikiTranslate has "seen" something similar to the current string, in this section you may see some alike translations you (probably) have used before. Sometimes it guesses right! )

7. I am (Nadia, a humble author of all texts on this wiki) not a native English speaker, and am just a human being, so I can make mistakes. If you see one, please contact me via telegram so I can correct it. Please don't edit English page by yourself, as it will create a mess for translation pages. But if you'd like to edit it anyway, contact me so I can tell you how to do it right.