Magic Intuition:Privacy Policy on Google Play

From Olekdia Wiki
  1. Your name (nickname) and your scores for global table of records are available for all users of Magic Intuition. So if you don’t want this to be shown, you may either:
    1. uncheck the box "Include name & scores to global table if you set a record";
    2. pick a ridiculous nickname like “sweet_kitty_21”;
    3. set no records at all;
    4. contact us in case you would like your name and scores to be removed and/or never be shown in global table of records.
  2. We don't collect any of your data other than mentioned above (nothing like your contacts, photos, calls etc.), as we have no such intents. Literally, we don't have any access to your cookies, other apps, e-mail, cat videos, and so on.
  3. As there are no ads in the app, so there's no need to find out your preferences to sell something to you.
  4. Paying for subscriptions, you are interacting with Google Billing API, according to its Privacy Policy; we personally have no access to your credit card number, real name or address.
  5. All that we obtain is the info provided by Google Developer Console and its built-in Google Analytics, that is some anonymous general data like the app's Google Play page traffic and users' demography. And we don't tell it to any "third parties".