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Magic Intuition

Improve your intuition, playing games! Benefit with the strong sixth sense!

Have you ever thought, why some people don't board an air plane, that is about to crash? How do successful businessmen feel the market trends? Do you think you have to be a psychic for that? Every day everyone of us is faced with myriad of choices that affect our lives. How can we make the best choice possible? We can spend hours thinking and analysing, but we don't always have time, for instance, in Forex real time trading, and surely a human mind is not able to foresee everything. It is better to listen to our intuition, which is within each of us, we just forgot its voice.

Magic Intuition - an application that helps you improving your sixth sense, and to learn to make beneficial choices in different areas of life: business, professional orientation, private life, significant purchases, etc.

Why this App?

  • Absolutely no advertisement
  • Easy, fast, optimized
  • Different games with different levels of complexity
  • Convenient statistics
  • Table of personal and global records
  • Pleasant sound themes
  • Vibration mode available
  • Diverse motivation system, including coins, laziness progress bar etc.

Additionally for Pro version:

  • Dice game - one of the most ancient fortune games
  • Space game - save your team on a spaceship, finding the planets, suitable for life
  • Zener cards - this tool from early 1930-s tests the extrasensory perception
  • Soccer betting - game of chance with no risk for your wallet
  • Reminders for convenient training schedule creation
  • Backup for securing & easy transfer of your data
  • The mode of the real Forex exchange rate, with 9 pairs of currencies


In-app products strings

Pro for 1 year (discount 10%)
Get incredible results with 1 year intensive training of intuition!
Pro for 3 months
Get tangible results with 3 months intensive training of intuition!
Pro forever
Get sustainable results with regular long-term training of intuition!

Our team really appreciates your support, as it helps us to improve this app!