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Intuition FAQ

What is intuition?

According to Wikipedia, intuition is a phenomenon of the mind that describes the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. We would add that it is also a premonition of the opportunities that will bring the best results.

How and when is it better to practice?

Try "to catch" the first thing that comes to your mind; it's something more like a feeling, a premonition. If it has given you a right clue, remember how it felt like. Ignore thoughts like "there was already 3 reds in a row", logic is not what you train here. It is best to practice every day, when you have a free minute, but surely - in a good mood and well-being.

How will guessing the chances help the intuition improvement?

In this app, "chances" are generated before the game starts, so you guess not the random event itself, but the pre-set sequence of chances. Just like in life, usually we make choices such as "believe - do not believe", "buy - sell", often without knowing all the possible consequences, but wanting the best results anyway. Here we need some courage and good intuition.

How much should I practice for sustainable results?

For best results, you need to practice on a daily basis, at least until you run out the "Laziness" (see the "Profile" tab). As in the case of physical workout, it is important to stay in shape constantly - without this your performance deteriorates.

When can I see the practical result?

The first results are usually visible within a couple of weeks of regular exercising, and sustainable - in 2 months. Daily diligent training accelerates this process.

How will it help in life at all?

Intuition, like any skill, can be applied in different areas of life, in particular, wherever you need to make choices: in business, in science, in gambling, in interpersonal relations. Development of intuition helps you to make correct and, what is very important, fast decisions.

I'm practising for a long time, but I see no result. What should I do?

In this case, it is likely that you usually practice in not your most cheerful and happy mood, and perhaps haven't identified yet the nature of your intuitive impulse. Next time try to start playing in excited-elated, or vice versa, in excited-scared mood. Vivid emotions promote vivid manifestation of intuition. Think, in extreme situations "the sixth sense" greatly escalates.