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Life mudra (Pran Mudrā, Sanskrit "invocation of energy") is one of the hand mudras that are recommended to practice during breathing gymnastics sessions in Prana Breath app.



  • increases vitality
  • reduces fatigue and nervousness
  • improves vision


  • activates the root chakra
  • increases the staying power and assertiveness
  • contributes to healthy self-confidence
  • gives the courage to start something new, and the strength to see things through


With each hand:

  1. Place the tips of the thumb, ring finger, and little finger together.
  2. The other fingers remain extended.

Life mudra 1.jpg Life mudra 2.jpg


When you do the Pran Mudra you can also put your thumb onto the fingernails of the other two fingers instead of on their tips. This has the effect of causing both the right and left brain hemispheres to function equally, become active, and mutually complement each other (according to Kim da Silva).