Knowledge mudra

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Knowledge mudra (Jnana Mudrā, Sanskrit "psychic gesture of knowledge or wisdom") is one of the hand mudras that are recommended to practice during breathing gymnastics sessions in Prana Breath app.



  • sharpens memory
  • cures insomnia
  • uplifts the body
  • regulating the flow of air in the body


  • calms the mind down
  • helps concentrating on the meditation practice
  • reduces mind distractions
  • gives a spacious feeling
  • fight melancholia and depression


With each hand:

  1. Touch the tip of the thumb with of the tip of index finger.
  2. Straighten the other three fingers gently.


  1. Fold the index finger and let it touch the base of the thumb.
  2. The forefinger forms a circle, but the thumb points straight out.
  3. Straighten the other three fingers gently.