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Health tab is the a tab in Prana Breath app, where you can evaluate the physical effect of your breathing gymnastics trainings. This tab contains special functional tests to determine the health level of respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It is available for Guru version only.

What can you see and set with Health tab

In action bar

(from left to right)

  • The name of the tab — "Health", and faded names of other tabs - Experience tab, Log tab and Progress tab
  • Menu button in the right corner, that comprises the "Info" item

In main screen

  • Navigation arrows
  • Health test spinner
  • Time unit spinner
  • Health level chart
  • Big purple "scale" button in bottom left corner

Performing health tests

General recommendations

  • It is recommended to perform the tests once a week for an adequate evaluation of your training effectiveness.
  • If you've decided to do all tests at once, it's better to start with "Blood circulation" test, then "Heart rate", "Buteyko", "Genchi" and "Shtange" - the very opposite way they appear in the picker.
  • Do this on an empty stomach, at one certain chosen time, with a few minutes intervals between tests.

Run a test

  1. Choose a test with the health test spinner.
  2. Press on a big purple button with the a scale image in bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on the "Info" button in the right corner of an action bar.
  4. Read the instructions attentively, press "OK".
  5. Once you're ready, tap in the middle of the circle with "00", or on "Play" button in the right part of an action bar.
  6. When you're done with the test, tap in the middle of the screen again or on "Stop" button in the right part of an action bar.
  7. The test window hides and shows you your results immediately.
  • Also you can find the information about this test, choosing the "Info" item in the menu in an action bar.
  • Note that if you feel there's something wrong with performing your test, you can cancel it, pressing on your device "Back" button, or "Back" button in top left corner in action bar. This way the test is canceled, and your results are not recorded.
  • If you'd like to remove the result recorded, you can do that in Log tab.

Health tests results

View your health statistics

  1. Choose a test or "health level" item with the health test spinner.
    1. A test chart shows your achievement in this very test.
    2. The graph "health level" shows your average level of physical fitness, in the context of respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  2. Choose the time unit - day, week or month, that you'd like to view the results of. Note that if you choose "week", you'll see the date of the first day of the week on the graph below.
  3. Navigate with the arrows to observe the time period you'd like.
  4. Touch and hold the chart bar to see the exact result and date in a toast.

Interpreting the results

Health tests results are expressed in seconds, health level - in points. Points are conventional units, derived from all of your health tests results. Therefore, the more health tests you perform during a day, the more accurate the "health level" value for this day is.

If your results are:

  • Above the dashed purple line - it's time to open your own healthy lifestyle training center! =)

- - - - - - - - -

  • Between the dashed purple and blue lines - excellent result, most likely you are working out diligently and a lot.

- - - - - - - - -

  • Between the dashed blue and solid green - you're in a good shape, continue accumulating your health potential!

____________ The solid green line is the average level for an adult.

  • Between the solid green and dashed yellow - it's a good idea to pay more attention to trainings, in order to be more vigorous and energetic.

- - - - - - - - -

  • Between the dashed yellow and red - serious attention to your health needed, as well as to train more often and more intensively, to maintain good health for years to come.

- - - - - - - -

  • Below the red line - likely, you should contact your physician for the recommendations to improve your condition.

NB! These charts can be not objective, in case there is any of the following:

  • special physiological conditions: pregnancy, postpartum or post-operational recovery;
  • acute respiratory diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • effect of stimulating substances (nicotine, alcohol, some medications, etc.);
  • in childhood, adolescence and an old age.

Also you can find the information above within the app, pressing the "Info" item in the menu on an action bar while "Health level" is chosen.

Export the statistics

If you'd like to have your statistics exported to a .csv file, please follow this instruction.

Reset the statistics

If you've decided to reset the data in this tab, please follow this instruction.