Full inhaling

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Before the first breathing cycle

  • Choose a comfortable position for your practice.
  • Relax your body.
  • Breathe out as much air as you can.

Full inhaling process:

  1. Let the air fill your lowest part of lungs first, with the front part of your stomach being pushed forward, while diaphragm goes down. You may put your left palm on your chest and right palm - on your stomach, and watch your right palm rising higher than left.
  2. Fill the middle part of your lungs with air. You will feel your ribcage expanding to its maximum size.
  3. Finally fill the upper part of your lungs. Your clavicles will rise up, and you may want to rise your chin as well. Your stomach may slightly contract so the upper part of the ribcage can be loaded with air as much as possible.

After inhaling

If the pattern you are practicing has "retain" phase, see air retaining for further actions.
If it does not have it - proceed to full exhaling.