Development:Prana Breath API/Collections:Tests

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tests, or health_tests - Collection that gives control over all health tests in the app.


  • pranabreath://


  • pranabreath://tests/item?cmd=[Command] - Case-insensitive.
  •[Command] - Case-sensitive.


Command Description


Returns test list. Currently it is only used in console for retrieving health test list. All health tests have negative ids in the app.
  • pranabreath://tests?cmd=list
id name
-1 shtange
-2 genchi
-3 buteyko
-4 heart_rate
-5 blood_circulation
  • pranabreath://tests - It is a default command if collection is defined without an item, so if we omit the command it will return the same result.


Selects the specified health test. Other than its own effect, command start does select as well.
  • pranabreath://tests/Genchi?cmd=select - Select the Genchi test.
  • pranabreath://tests/Genchi - Select the Genchi test. Select is a default command if ?cmd= is omitted.


Starts the selected health test. If there is no such a test - nothing happens.
  • pranabreath://tests/Genchi?cmd=start - Select and start Genchi test. Also it will bring the app to foreground with health tab selected.
  • pranabreath://tests/-3?cmd=start - Select and start the health test with id equals -3.