Development:Prana Breath API/Collections:Reminders

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reminders, or rems - Сollection that gives control over app's reminders.


  • pranabreath:// - Case-insensitive.
  • - Case-sensitive.
  • - Case-sensitive.


  • pranabreath://reminders/item?cmd=[Command] - Case-insensitive.
  • pranabreath://reminders/item?[Parameter]=[Value]
  • pranabreath://reminders/item?cmd=[Command]&[Parameter1]=[Value1]&[Parameter2]=[Value2]
  •[Command]&[Parameter]=[Value] - Case-sensitive.


Command Description


Returns reminders list. Currently it is used only in console for retrieving reminders list.
  • pranabreath://reminders?cmd=list
id time  training          when
16 ⁦‎07:‎30⁩ Power             Every day
6  ⁦‎18:‎00⁩ Clear mind        Every day
8  ⁦‎10:‎00⁩ Heart rate        Sunday
10 ⁦‎10:‎03⁩ Blood circulation Sunday
11 ⁦‎10:‎05⁩ Buteyko test      Sunday
3  ⁦‎10:‎10⁩ Genchi test       Sunday
  • pranabreath://reminders - It is a default command if collection is defined without an item, so if we omit the command it will return the same result.


Create the reminder with defined parameters.
  • pranabreath://reminders?cmd=create&time=18_30&pid=1 - Create a reminder for the training with id equals 1 to 18:30 (6:30 PM).


Delete the selected reminder. If there is no input reminder - nothing happens.
  • - Delete reminder with id 13.


Parameter Description


Parent ID, reference to the training of the reminder.
  • pranabreath://reminders/3?pid=5 - Set a reminder with id equals 3 for a training with id equals 5.


Represents the state of reminder. Value range is [true, false].
  • pranabreath://rems/5?enabled=false - Disable the reminder with id equals 5.


Reminder triggering time (it uses 24 hours format: hh_mm).
  • pranabreath://rems/4?time=09_30 - Set the reminder time with id equals 4 to 09:30


Message of the reminder. If not specified - reminder has random motivator as a message.
  • pranabreath://rems/1?message=VGhpcyB0cmFpbmluZyBpcyByZWFsbHkgaGVscGZ1bCBhZnRlciBsb25nIGNvbmNlbnRyYXRpb24 - Set the reminder message with id equals 1 to "This training is really helpful after long concentration". It totally replaces the previous message if it exists. The message should be Base64 encoded for URL safety.