Development:Prana Breath API/Collections:Motivators

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motivators - Сollection that gives control over motivators in the app.


  • pranabreath:// - Case-insensitive.
  • - Case-sensitive.
  • - Case-sensitive.


  • pranabreath://motivators/item?cmd=[Command] - Case-insensitive.
  • pranabreath://motivators/item?[Parameter]=[Value]
  •[Command]&[Parameter]=[Value] - Case-sensitive.


Command Description


Returns training list. Currently it is used only in console for retrieving a training list.
  • pranabreath://motivators?cmd=list
id name
1  "Start from Monday" - is that familiar?
2  No more reasons to delay!
3  Find the time for your health!
4  The work will still be there, so pause and breath!
5  Remember, how's that - to breathe freely?
6  It's time to invest in your health!
  • pranabreath://motivators - It is a default command if collection is defined without an item, so if we omit the command it will return the same result.


Create the motivator with certain parameters. If motivator with such message already exists - new motivator will be created anyway.
  • pranabreath://motivators?cmd=create&message=TWF5IHRoZSBGb3JjZSBiZSB3aXRoIHlvdSE%3D - Create new motivator. The message should be Base64 encoded for the URL safety.
  • pranabreath://motivators?cmd=create&message=TWF5IHRoZSBGb3JjZSBiZSB3aXRoIHlvdSE%3D,SGVhbHRoIGlzIGxpdHRsZSBidXQgcmVndWxhciBlZmZvcnRz - Create multiple quantity of motivators, comma-separated each.


Delete the selected motivator. If there is no selected motivator - nothing happens.
  • pranabreath://motivators/14?cmd=delete - Delete the motivator with id equals 14.


Parameter Description


or name

The message of the motivator itself.
  • pranabreath://motivators/11?name=TWF5IHRoZSBGb3JjZSBiZSB3aXRoIHlvdSE%3D - Replace message of the motivator with id equals 11 with the text "May the Force be with you!". Again, the message should be Base64 encoded for the URL safety.
  • - Create a motivator with this message.