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<Selling page wannabe> Nearly everyone in social media is an expert and asks for your money so you can be more like them. We are all tired of this. All I can say is I offer you my knowledge, my experience and my time in case you need help with your journey of mindful breathing. Please find all the details here: Nevertheless, if you can practice with the Teacher live, that would be the best option possible!

Spoiler for those who like to read titles I am [Special:MyLanguage/Olekdia:About_us#Nadia_Albul Nadia Albul], co-author of Prana Breath app, a PhD student in physiology. I was born and reside in Ukraine. You could have seen me on our Youtube videos.

Most of Prana Breath app users prefer training patterns

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Prana Breath app was designed as a tool for breathing practices, for those who know what they are doing, and for those who would like to dive in. newbiews ask for some guidance, and regular answer is.

For those who would like to have a detailed program designed for their needs