Conch shell mudra

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Conch shell mudra (Shankh Mudrā, Sanskrit "psychic gesture of shell") is one of the hand mudras that are recommended to practice during breathing gymnastics sessions in Prana Breath app.



  • positive effect on the respiratory system health
  • relieves sore throat and hoarseness
  • heals throat and larynx diseases


  • helps to calm down
  • centers the mind


Your hands will form a shape like a conch shell, which is where the Shankh Mudra gets its name from.

  1. Wrap all four fingers of your right hand around your left thumb, with right little finger inside.
  2. Bring the tips of your right thumb and left middle finger together.
  3. The other fingers of your left hand should be parallel to the middle finger.
  4. Hold this mudra in front off your sternum.