Breaths per minute

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"Breaths per minute" or BPM index is the value that describes how many full breath cycles can fit into one minute of your breathing gymnastics training. This value describes the training complexity; the lower it is, the more complicated the training gets.

Where you can see "breaths per minute" in the app

  • In Control tab, inside or near the training chart.
  • In menu item "Details" in Control tab or Training tab. You will see three different values (minimum, average and maximum) if Dynamic mode is turned on.
  • In Progress tab, choosing "Breaths per minute" item in the picker.
  • NB! If you move to another pattern, remember the BPM index of the pattern that feels nice to practice. If you set the new pattern with the BPM value about the same, the new training most probably will feel very comfortable for you.