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Bhastrika is the extra preset training type in Prana Breath app, available in Guru version.

Download: Bhastrika.trng


  • strengthening lungs
  • reducing asthma attacks
  • detoxifying blood
  • oxygenating fast, thus removes fatigue
  • heating the body up
  • improves immune system
  • eliminating mild asthma attack, as reported by our users.

Origin, history

This training type, as well as "Harmony" and "Power", is derived from Pranayama, an ancient Vedic technique of breathing gymnastics, and is translated from Sanskrit as "Bellows", because the stomach movement reminds the working blacksmith's bellows. It is also called "Breath of Fire", or just "Firebreath".
In Prana Breath this training type is adapted even for people that don't practice Yoga and/or don't have much time for practice but still need its effect.

Setting the training

  1. Download this pattern if you don't have it yet.
  2. Choose this pattern in Training tab or Control tab.
  3. Set the optimal training complexity so the training brings you joy, yet doesn't seem too easy. Use the options in Control tab and/or Dynamic tab to adjust all parameters.

Training process

  1. Choose the comfortable position.
  2. Empty your lungs, breathing out with effort ("Prepare").
  3. Inhale deep and fast with your nose, visualizing white/golden/silver Prana penetrates your body.
  4. Exhale fast and strong, imagining dark, mud-colored fumes of negative energy leaving your body.
  5. After 20 cycles of fast breathing, perform slow full inhaling with your right nostril.
  6. Retain the air.
  7. Exhale slowly with your left nostril.
  8. Inhale slowly and deeply with your left nostril.
  9. Retain the air.
  10. Exhale slowly with your right nostril.
  11. Keep breathing like in steps 3-10 till the end of your training session.
  12. After you're done, you might take some time for meditating and contemplating yourself.
  • You might increase the set of fast breaths (up to 60 cycles) once you are comfortable with the amount provided.
  • NB! Please be aware that you might become dizzy and light-headed during the practice, so make sure you do this pattern in the safe environment (no driving, no diving, no water of fire nearby, etc.).

Other questions

How long should I train? How can I combine this pattern with another? Should I always inhale through my nose?
If you have such or other questions, please look through the FAQ page.