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Prana Breath is the app that makes breathing gymnastics and meditation easy.
Breathing gymnastics and meditative practices provide you:

  • improvement of cognitive skills: attention, memory, concentration
  • control over your emotions, including anxiety attacks and emotional over-eating
  • vivacity during the whole day
  • effective relaxation
  • better sleep
  • and lots of other benefits, proven by many ancient traditions and modern science.

What you get with this app

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All in one place, free to download, with no adds!

What people say about their experience with Prana Breath

Prana Breath has got 2+ million of users and almost 40 000 reviews!

  "This is the best app on my phone. I'm not saying it's better or worse than any other anxiety app, but when the moment comes and I want to feel better, this is what I will always open. It's so minimalistic and perfect, and it works so so well. Thank you so much for creating this, I mean it when I say this is the best app on my phone!" [1] 
  "I love that I can just turn it on and do the work. No figuring out the counts or keeping track the beautiful dings keep me focused on where I'm supposed to be in the breath cycle. I always feel so much better when I'm finished." [2]
  "I like this app, it's a nice simple way to meditate. I use it most when I start to feel stressed about something and feel like I don't have time. I say to myself "You have 7 minutes, use the prana app". Thanks" [3]
  "I've used this since it first came out. It is cool that the developer has continue to improve it to the slick app it is today. Go guru or go home!" [4]
 "Easy to use, I set up a custom program and reduced my blood pressure by 30 points." [5]
 "This app is so very helpful for me in so many ways. I finally bought the Guru Version Forever, and for cheap enough to afford with what little spending money I could get. well worth the money, too! It's amazing for meditating, tai chi, working out, calming down, preparing for sleep, preparing to take on your day, a boost of motivation, everything! I always recommend this app to my friends, and every single one of them love it and use it regularly!" [6]
 "i have never been able to meditate before bc i get distracted very easily. this app has changed that. i meditated for 40minutes yesterday. i feel very very nice. calmer, more joy, more connected, gentler, more trusting in my response to daily life. the stress reducer works. i am very grateful to you for creating this wonderful tool. i have already recommended it to many friends. thank u very much. blessings to you!" [7]
 "this app is amazing! I've been an apple user for many years, but when I switched to the Android side, I found this gem and fell in love! I can't explain how much better I feel about breathing and taking quiet time to connect more with my body, my therapist had been telling me to do these exercises but I found that I just couldn't on my own. Now I practice at least once a day! Thank y'all!" [8]
 "It is awesome app. Download it. I had asthma problems, my doctor recommend breathing. All other apps I found were basically rubbish ( no offense ). Nothing compared to this. After, my doctor asked how I improved so much. There are different benefit from different exercises. Love you. Hope everyone reads this comment and downloads this app. :)" [9] 
 "For the past week or so I've been having breathing problems. I was constantly out of breath and my heart felt like it may burst. Then after almost killing myself trying to surf on a big day I promised myself I'd make some serious changes to my health and habits. Soon after this app popped up as a recommendation. It was love at first sight and I did four different exercises in a row and felt better than I have in a long time. The app is well designed and comprehensive, including many different exercises and the ability to customize everything. And most surprising is that there are NO ADS! The app is fully complete without any need for purchases. I envision spending a lot of time with this app and getting healthy and strong again. Hopefully this will also reduce the asthma I've developed since moving to Japan. I will definitely be making a donation or becoming a guru as the creator deserves much respect and appreciation for building such a perfect app. Thank you so much!" [10]

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